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The Real Men Feel Show is a weekly podcast hosted by RMF founder, Andy Grant.

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Recent RMF Episodes:

The Gillette Ad and Backlash Episode 128, January 17, 2019
Nine people gather to discuss the Gillette, “The Best Men Can Be,” ad and the ensuing backlash to it. All share their reactions to the ad itself as well as their response to the video’s reverberation through social media.

Dealing With Smartphone Addiction Episode 127, January 15, 2019
Coach and fitness instructor, Oliver Cowlishaw, joins us to discuss everything that rose up when he confronted his smartphone addiction, including a lot of shame.

One Broken Mom’s Thoughts on Men Episode 126, January 9, 2019
As a former wife and always a mom, Ameé Quiriconi, host of the One Broken Mom podcast, has concerns about the mental health of men, raising a son, dating, and more.

Living In Alignment With Who You Are Episode 125, December 19, 2018
Warrior, Brandon Boucher, joins us to share some of his experiences as a combat veteran, activist, and healer, while he’s created a life in alignment with who he truly is instead of what the world expected him to be.

Buddy Your Buddy Episode 124, December 11, 2018
Coach, mentor, speaker, and U.S Marine Veteran, Buddy Carchide, joins us to talk about how he’s encouraging people to “Buddy Up” to better deal with pain, mental health, and the struggles of life.

Men, Aging, and HGH Episode 123, December 4, 2018
A discussion on men, aging, the myths and warnings we’ve been told, and what can we do about it. Guest, Jeff Berger, and Andy Grant are both customers and distributors of an HGH Gel. They share their experiences using it. For more info about the gel contact

The Mind-Body Melt Episode 122, November 27, 2018
Dan Edelston and Rob Howitt share their unique approach to fitness incorporating meditation and affirmations. Plus a holiday survival guide to keep you healthy.

Is Telling Someone To ‘Man Up’ Bad? Episode 121, November 20, 2018
Five men gather to discuss Darnell Donerson’s article, “I Don’t Understand Why Telling Someone To ‘Man Up’ or ‘Grow A Pair’ Is Bad.”

Surviving Sex Trafficking Episode 120, November 13, 2018
Author, speaker, and artist, Brian Cardoza, joins us to share his experiences as a child caught up in the world of sex trafficking and his arduous road to recovery.

Being a Man, not THE Man Episode 119, November 6, 2018
Communications consultant and trainer, Alan Stevenson, joins us to discuss the importance of learning to be A man as opposed to THE man and the power of rites of passage, profiling, and his Campfire Project.

Discovering What You Want Isn’t What You Wanted Episode 118, October 30, 2018
Registered Yogi, Mindfulness Advocate, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, and Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Brandon Bennett, joins us to discuss what happens when you realize what you want isn’t what you actually wanted.

Making Purpose Out Of My Shit Pit Episode 117, October 23, 2018
Sometimes life just sucks. Coach, mentor, speaker and podcaster, Henry Johnstone, joins us to talk about what to do about it and share how he found purpose in his shit.

Being a Man Is No Joke Episode 116, October 16, 2018
Comedian, author, and idiot, Nathan Timmel, stops by to talk about life.

Men Being “Too Sensitive” Episode 115, October 9, 2018
Coach and author, Matthew Solomon joins us to talk about men being called “too sensitive.” We’ll explore what the effects are on boys and men being told that and what men tagged with the “sensitive” label can do.

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