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Real Men Feel founder and host, Andy Grant, is now offering a free clarity call to all men.

The time has come to stop playing small. To stop settling for less. You deserve more out of life than merely surviving it.

See what other men have said about working with Andy

“Did a few sessions with Andy over the years. His energy, authenticity and kindness is one of a kind. I don’t really want to think where I would be right now if I didn’t have those sessions. Broke, divorced, dead, or all of the above. I was apprehensive at first, and never felt like opening up to someone about vulnerabilities and fears, but somehow he got it out of me and hit me in the feels every time.”~ Laurent, California
“I loved my energy session with Andy. He’s such a gentle and generous soul, he’s deeply intuitive and insightful, and really fun too. His energy reading is remarkable. His energy exercises are powerful. Give yourself a treat and enjoy Andy’s attention, focus and skill. I emerged re-centered, re-energized, grounded, and feeling wonderful.” ~ Colin, California
“I knew it was you on the other end of the phone, and it sounded like your voice, but as I think about it more and more, it was as though I was talking to my subconscious. Everything you said, I knew on some level.  I also thought it was weird that you never struggled for words, that the words just flowed from your mouth, and every word was perfect.”~ Brian, Massachusetts
“I am impressed with Andy!!!  I am not impressed easily.  I am not a person who can work with a ‘What does this mean to you’ environment when working through personal needs and personal growth, nor can I spend precious time without a direction to be provided based on my need.  Andy is GREAT!!!!  We had a telephone working session on my life, where it is now and where it needs to go.  Andy was right to the point and dead on with his analysis and statements of where I come from, how it is impacting my current life, and what I need to do to move myself in the direction I desire!!!  How great it is; to talk plainly and obtain constructive tools for my life in one session.  I can only imagine what it would be like with multiple ones, and look forward to finding out!!!”~ Ed, Georgia