Real Men Feel: Ep. 307, Positive Male Role Models | Who Taught You How To Be A Man?

June 17, 2024

Positive Male Role Models | Who Taught You How To Be A Man? 307 June 16, 2024

Earlier Sunday (Father’s Day), I was part of a Let’s Talk Fabulous panel discussing positive male role models. I enjoyed that conversation so much that I want to share more in a motor-mouth 10-minute brain dump.

Topics Include:

What male role models did you see/have while growing up?
What do you think are traits of a positive male role model?
If the person who taught you what it means to be a man, through their words or actions, was a miserable bastard — why would you continue to follow their example?
Before I invited you to the show, did you already consider yourself a positive male role model?
What are some challenges you see men going through today? 
Any advice or tips for men who are trying to do/be better?
What do you want women to know? How can women support you in your experience of being the best man you can be?
How can men support each other?

Too many men would rather be right than be happy. Be willing to be wrong.

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Real Men Feel 307, Positive Male Role Models

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