Real Men Feel: Ep. 302, Can You Enjoy Time Alone? | Growth & Resistance

May 12, 2023

Can You Enjoy Time Alone? | Growth & Resistance Episode 302 May 12, 2023

Are you comfortable being alone? Can you enjoy your own company? 

Often men will feel uncomfortable emotions if they are alone and in silence. I am an only child, so I’m used to being alone, but I’d always have music or a TV playing in the background. I wasn’t a fan of absolute silence because I wasn’t a fan of some of my thoughts.

Over the years and with lots of work and growth, I’m incredibly comfortable on my own and with the silence of only my mind. Growing up, I thought doing something in public alone meant you were a friendless loser. I’d miss movies and concerts that I wanted to see but couldn’t find someone who wanted to go

In recent years I’ve started going to movies alone and love it – no debate, no hesitation, no trying to convince someone. I’ve even gone to some concerts alone, too, and enjoyed myself and didn’t feel judged. Earlier this year, I saw Anthrax in Boston on a Sunday night, and I knew even my friends who like Anthrax wouldn’t go out on a Sunday night.

I’m in Toronto, Canada, for two weeks of training with the Modern Mystery School. I’m being recertified as a Guide, Healer, and Life Activation practitioner, then taking seven days of new classes. I drove up here alone, a 12-hour ride since I drive a Tesla and need to stop to charge every 90 minutes or so on the highway. But I had a blast. I could sing at the top of longs to a full day’s worth of songs that I love. I explored new towns and stores at each new stop, and the weather was fantastic.

I drove here on Sunday, and today, Wednesday is the only day I don’t have any classes. I planned to visit the Wonderland amusement park, which is just 10 miles away and has some great rides, including a world record-holding dive coaster — that’s when you pause at the top – – which, if you know me — I love roller coasters. I had planned to do a show about enjoying yourself – and I don’t mean masturbation – with lots of photos from today with me by myself on all sorts of cool rides.

But, another thing common on the path of spiritual growth and healing is resistance. Technically known as your shit, meaning your shit will come up when you go beyond your comfort zone and grow.

Here’s a brief video I did from my car on the drive, sharing more on my resistance and back problems.

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