Real Men Feel: Ep. 299, Tapping Into The Strength of Men | The Power of Choice

April 21, 2023

Tapping Into The Strength of Men | The Power of Choice Episode 299, April 21, 2023

I love to give any man who is being of service a platform to share his message. I met today’s guest, Dustin Bakker, in an online program and was immediately impressed by his willingness to be authentic and vulnerable and his desire to help other men.

After losing his sense of happiness, Dustin began changing his life and slowly became aware of what his mind, body, and soul were trying to tell him. Dustin did the research, study, and inner work required to discover his happiness. He’s gone on to create F.O.ReaLiving and The Strength of Men.

We discuss the power of choice, expressing emotions, and the goal of a stronger connection to our authentic selves. Dustin shares how drugs were one of his masks, keeping him from his strengths and true self.

Dustin is a strong example of self-sufficiency while also yearning for connection. It does not have to be one or the other. Community is another strength that society seems to have let go of.

We all benefit from helping others.

Topics and Questions

  • 1:04 – Tell me about what growing up was like for you.
  • 1:53 – Was your general outlook positive, negative, or neutral?
  • 2:44 – Did you follow your mom’s path of being a partier?
  • 4:25 – Was being alone so much growing up a happy time for you?
  • 5:21 – When did you realize your life wasn’t working to the extent you wanted it to?
  • 8:03 – Can you expand on the “movie scene” you came home to?
  • 9:12 – Have you always had that intuitive sense?
  • 10:19 – Is a group of scaffolders in British Colombia usually talking about happiness and fulfillment?
  • 11:19 – What do you do in your men’s gathering?
  • 12:02 – What are some of the tools you’ve learned?
  • 14:09 – What do you see as the strength of men?
  • 15:54 – What made you appreciate your emotions?
  • 19:37 – Could you feel connected to your authentic self when drunk or high?
  • 20:56 -How did you learn what it means to be a man?
  • 22:48 – What is FOReal Living?
  • 24:59 – Can you share a practice, program, or book that has helped you?
  • 25:48 – What is one thing you wish more men knew?
  • 27:24 – What are you most proud of?
  • 29:15 – What would you like to see The Strength of Men become?
  • 34:51 – How can people learn more about what you are up to?

“Choice is the superpower that we all have.”

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