Real Men Feel: Ep. 287, Men Stepping Into Their Masculinity | Exploring Our Spirituality

January 27, 2023

Men Stepping Into Their Masculinity | Exploring Our Spirituality Episode 287, January 27, 2023

This episode asks the big questions; what drives us, inspires us, and makes us push for more than just our basic needs to be met? So please sit back, turn on your black light and get deep with us.

My guest is J. Malik, a spiritual teacher, author, and speaker who emphasizes the importance of spiritual alignment in our careers, relationships, and finances. His mission is to empower men (and women) to develop healthy and prosperous relationships.

His personal journey of spiritual development inspired him to share his insights as a mystic and teach others the ‘science and math’ of spirituality often lost in modern religion. Malik advocates for men to embrace their masculinity, leadership, and success so that women can be safe to operate in their femininity and creative flow and not from survival mode.

We discuss widening the possibilities within the man box and dig into the alleged privileges of being male. Our conversation explores the danger of group identities and separation and the gifts of discipline, brotherhood, and men inspiring other men to be better.

“I haven’t come across any human problem that doesn’t eventually get to a spiritual root.”

J. Malik

Topics and Questions

  • 1:16 – Have you always been interested in spirituality and mystical subjects?
  • 1:49 – Is that true for every problem?
  • 2:23 – Tell me about your upbringing.
  • 3:32 – Do you think a man can connect and own his masculinity without connecting with his spirituality?
  • 6:28 – Science keeps catching up with spirituality.
  • 8:45 – What are some things that keep men from embracing their masculinity?
  • 13:20 – Pushing the boundaries of the Man Box.
  • 20:27 – Many successful women take on distorted masculine energies, aka pink masculinity.
  • 28:00 The problem with so many groups and labels.
  • 28:52 – What are some spiritual truths you wish more people know?
  • 36:22 – How does one begin to embrace authentic masculinity?
  • 40:52 – What sort of fears do you see driving men?
  • 47:50 – What’s the best way for people to learn more and connect with you?


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