Real Men Feel: Ep. 279, Covenant House Sleep Out | On Location

November 19, 2022

Covenant House Sleep Out | On Location Episode 279, November 18, 2022

For the first time, Real Men Feel is on location. This week’s show checks in from Covenant House’s Sleep Out in Boxboro, Massachusetts.

Andy took part in a fundraising event for Covenant House that involved giving up his bed for one night to raise funds to get more young people off the streets. People choose to spend a night outside to help those who don’t have a choice.

We talk with Jill Vorndran, Covenant House’s Chief Development Officer.

Topics and Questions

2:59 – What is going on tonight?
3:25 – Is this a global event?
3:54 – What is the point of the Sleep Out?
4:34 – What is the age range of Covenant House clients?
5:30 – What are you saving people from?
8:12 – Is this an annual event?
9:38 – It is an issue of individual circumstances that brings someone to Covenant House.

Listen here:

Here is most of Team Boston getting ready to hit the pavement for the night.


The Sleep Out location was just a few miles from my home, and I arrived home as the sunrise illuminated my house in a way I’d never seen before. I stopped, got out of my car, and marveled for a few moments. Tears fell as I was so thankful for nature, beauty, my home, my car, warmth, community, love…. every single thing and person in my life. That includes you.


I attempted to treat Friday like a typical day, but it wasn’t possible. I knew I’d get less sleep at the Sleep Out, but I didn’t expect how little I got. My thinking and energy were a struggle. I fell asleep twice in my office chair while attempting to work. I couldn’t hit the gym; conversations were a challenge, and editing this week’s show took much longer than it would normally. I fell asleep around 9 pm Friday and slept straight till 7 am Saturday.

This was all from only one night on the streets. Many homeless people have full-time jobs, are full-time students, or even both, and can’t afford a safe place to live. They deal with the daily battle of never having enough sleep and struggling to think clearly. If you are not in that situation, please give some compassion to those who are.


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Real Men Feel 279: Covenant House Sleep Out

Photo by Andy Grant

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  1. Fran mania Dec 12, 2022

    Proud of you for reliving hobo’mania -without so much of the mania.