Real Men Feel: Ep. 264, Love You, Bro

July 30, 2022

Love You, Bro Episode 264, July 29, 2022

I could not always tell people I loved them, especially male friends.

Love you, dude. Love ya, mean it. I love you, man — are just some of the ways I’ve said and heard men expressing affection for other men.

Recently, I’ve been talking with and getting messages from a lot of friends I haven’t spoken to in months or years. I’ve noticed many signing off with — Love you, bro.

I’ve never been a fan of that phrase. I get that it is short for brother. I adore it when my brothers from the ManKind Project or the Modern Mystery School say I love you, brother. Totally cool with that sentiment and phrase. But “bro” changes it for me somehow.

Can’t we just say, I love you? Period.

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Real Men Feel 264: Love You, Bro

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