Real Men Feel: Ep. 257, Positive Change in a Socially Distant World

October 5, 2021

Positive Change in a Socially Distant World Episode 257, October 5, 2021

“Change is a good thing,” says Rick Ornelas, Positive Change Expert, Author, and Founder of I Spark Change.

On this episode of Real Men Feel, guest Rick Ornelas explains the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, looking at life with a glass-half-full mentality, and acknowledging that change is not always a negative thing.

“We are all in constant change and constant growth.” – Rick Ornelas

Rick introduces the positive mindset of learning to adapt, grow and overcome obstacles, even if they are uncontrollables. He preaches about the insignificance of “being right” if it means sacrificing your happiness and the happiness of those around you. Rick also opens up about the inspiration behind his book 12 hours of Heaven, in which he tells the story of a terrifying car accident and the touching miracle that accompanied it.

Tune into this week’s episode of Real Men Feel for a conversation with Rick Ornelas about embracing positive change. Learn about the importance of allowing change into your life, accepting your emotional side and the balance between being right and being happy. Plus, check out Rick Ornelas’s book 12 Hours of Heaven linked below!


  • “We learn to adapt. We learn to become better in many situations. We learn to grow and overcome obstacles. Change is a good thing.” (03:56-04:09 | Rick Ornelas)
  • “We are designed to respond to negative stimulus far quicker than to positive stimulus.” (07:40-07:50 | Rick Orneles)
  • “If [life] was flat, it’d be boring. Like, who wants to go on a flat rollercoaster? It’d be so slow and there wouldn’t be any excitement.” (17:06-17:15) | Rick Orneals) 
  • “All men were wearing the thickest, fakest mask long before the pandemic.” (28:45-29:55 | Andy Grant)
  • “There are people that are working to make the world better.” (39:08-39:11 | Rick Ornelas)
  • “Men can be vulnerable and they can be authentic”. (46:00-46:05 | Rick Ornelas)

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“Change is where growth comes from. We learn to adapt. We learn to grow and overcome obstacles.” – Rick Ornelas

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Check out Rick’s book, 12 Hours of Heaven: Lessons for a Better World

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Ep 257 Positive Change In A Socially Distant World

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