Real Men Feel: Ep. 252, Men’s Code + Women’s Code = New Business Code

August 17, 2021

Men’s Code + Women’s Code = New Business Code Episode 252, Aug 17, 2021

Beate Chelette is an author, speaker, and Growth Architect who joins us to discuss the men’s code in business, the women’s code, and the need to bring them together.

“What we assume that all men are this and all women are that, is not true.” – Beate Chelette

Since the beginning of time, we as a society have been conditioned to believe that men and women are two separate entities. We think, behave, and react according to our gender. Subsequently, these structures formed a code of conduct per gender, particularly in business. Our guest Beate Chelette educates us on the façade of assigned identity and motivates us to embrace what feels most authentic.

Andy and Beate’s conversation sheds light on the reality of men’s lived experience relating to masculinity. They confront the definitive nature behind masculinity and introduce fluidity within it. Beate’s book The Women’s Code focuses on breaking down the preconceived notions of the men’s code and gives space for vulnerability and authenticity for both sides of the spectrum.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (00:29) What does it mean to be a growth architect?
  • (01:51) What inspired you to help others achieve success?
  • (11:37) Why did cancel culture get so bad?
  • (18:07) Is the definition of masculinity being attacked?
  • (25:25) How can we acknowledge both men and women’s strengths?
  • (28:48) What makes awareness so scary?
  • (34:53) Why is it so difficult to admit a mistake?
  • (41:50) How do we raise awareness for gender neutrality?
  • (45:14) What are the takeaways in The New Business Code?    

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Listen here:

“In the end the idea is to remove the label” – Beate Chelette

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