Real Men Feel: Ep. 250, Regular Guy Chat with Tony

August 3, 2021

Regular Guy Chat with Tony Episode 250, Aug 3, 2021

Tony Novello is an artist who makes things, from slate mountainscapes to fused glass wind chimes. He joins us to speak about his mission to serve others and help mend the fabric of the world. When he’s not doing art, he serves as an Air Force senior consultant and servant-leader for the Department of Defense.

“Telling myself I’m a good guy is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to do.” ~ Tony Novello

Being the firstborn to parents who couldn’t have children; Tony was engulfed with love, attention, and gifts. But, that all was taken away when his brother was born. Feelings of abandonment and entitlement surfaced, which in retrospect, began a snowball effect of what would later turn into a slew of complicated emotions. This, coupled with Tony’s desire for his father’s approval, led him down a road of anger, addiction, and infidelity.

In this episode, Tony fearlessly invites us into his recovery journey by leaning into discomfort and breaking the emotional barrier cast on men. Through his work at Charity Water, Tony’s mission is to be of service to others with hopes of making amends through actions that come from the heart. Tony is a true testament that any guy, regular or not, can overcome the most ingrained issues in our society.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (01:46) Why Tony refers to himself as the miracle baby.
  • (04:30) How Tony went from being the highlight of the family to being put on the backburner.
  • (06:03) What it was like being raised by parents who grew up in The Great Depression.
  • (10:50) How Tony’s relationship with his father affected how he raised his children.
  • (13:01) How hiding unhappiness were the stepping stones to recognizing something was wrong.
  • (20:51) How Tony is improving women’s lives through Charity Water.
  • (25:55) What makes purpose so important?
  • (28:46) How fear of being judged can hold you back.
  • (32:11) Why stepping out and taking risks is the key to growth.
  • (34:09) How Tony discovered the power of tribes.

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“He started to tell me he loved me for the first time two years before he died, but somehow it just didn’t seem honest.” ~ Tony Novello

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