Real Men Feel: Ep. 249, Listening To Your Calling

July 27, 2021

Listening To Your Calling Episode 249, July 27, 2021

Demetri Albizu is a husband, dad, entrepreneur, and a higher-level initiate of the Modern Mystery School who is focused on knowing himself and creating a better world. We discuss the importance of hearing and taking action on your calling.

“By living in purpose, we fulfill something greater.” ~ Demetri Albizu

In a world filled with options and choices, how do you decide what path is right for you? The importance of using your intuition and receiving insights has never been greater, as Demetri Albizu masterfully explains in this episode. Finding your calling isn’t a difficult process, but it does require alignment and a willingness to take action in the face of discomfort. Demetri’s prowess in the Modern Mystery School enables him to teach this process with precision and clarity. 

Listening to your calling is a journey, not a destination. Finding joy along the way is an absolute must, as this positive energy will fuel even greater discoveries. Demetri and Andy cover this topic comprehensively, sharing ten tips to help you along the journey of aligning to your purpose. Using this conversation as a roadmap, dare to take the first step in the direction of your calling!

Highlights and Topics:

  • (0:58) What defines a calling?
  • (3:30) How did Demetri find his calling and learn how to manifest?
  • (8:10) How greater awareness and understanding leads to action.
  • (15:20) Will your calling require you to face fear and discomfort? 
  • (19:05) Why “what you want to do wants to be done by you”.
  • (22:08) How a Life Activation with either Demetri or Andy will help you align with your calling.
  • (26:01) Why living a life of purpose is meant to be enjoyed.
  • (31:20) The importance of patience and persistence on the journey.

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“Express it, because when you try to think about it you’re just going to get lost in thought.” ~ Demetri Albizu

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