Real Men Feel: Ep. 242, Moving Through Fear

June 8, 2021

Moving Through Fear Episode 242, June 8, 2021

Michael Challenger is a coach, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning filmmaker on a mission to help men take charge of their lives. In today’s episode, Michael shares inspiring wisdom around cultivating courage, celebrating challenge, and transcending fear.

“How much permission are you going to give yourself to actually go after what you really want?” ~ Michael Challenger

What if we celebrated challenges and viewed discomfort as part of the growth process? Would fear still have its crippling effect? Michael Challenger answers these questions and more in today’s exploration in moving through fear. Between his Don’t Let Fear Paralyze You! book and online course, Michael passionately leads men through fear and into the life of their dreams. As you’ll learn, the biggest step we can take to transcend our fear is to share it with our fellows. The emotional authenticity and vulnerability used when expressing our struggles are the exact energies needed for a rich, fulfilled life.

Courage is the antidote to fear, but requires intentional cultivation. Michael masterfully teaches us how to practice this muscle as well as how to liberate ourselves from fearful holding patterns. Learning to push our comfort zones is part of the healing journey, and often we simply need motivation and support before we break free. Michael’s empowering and encouraging message is the perfect remedy for anyone feeling stuck or frozen by fear.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (3:03) Why are men afraid to speak about their fears?
  • (8:02) Does emotional authenticity help others be more open?
  • (11:40) Why no one can make you feel anything.
  • (14:50) Does speaking your truth assist in the manifestation process?
  • (20:01) Would celebrating challenge change humanity’s relationship with struggle? 
  • (23:12) How courage can transform self-sabotaging thoughts.
  • (29:20) Why fear will arise when we push our comfort zones.
  • (34:15) What are the benefits to confronting your deepest fears?
  • (39:25) Why people crave authentic conversation and interaction.
  • (43:01) How can we overcome our programming and connect vulnerably?

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“I am responsible for myself, my happiness, and if I can encourage anyone around me to feel the same about that, and then be empowered by that, I feel like I’m doing my job as a human being on this planet.” ~ Michael Challenger

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