Real Men Feel: Ep. 241, Discover Ancient Spiritual Technologies

June 1, 2021

Discover Ancient Spiritual Technologies Episode 241, June 1, 2021

Nate Zeleznick is the founder and CEO of Vibravision®️, the only licensed academy in North or South America authorized to teach the Merpati Putih martial arts, breathwork, health, meditation, and sensory expansion system from the royal family of Java, Indonesia.

“If we’re able to consciously pay attention to our breath we can remain in a state of ease, flow, and health.” ~ Nate Zeleznick

For a man, having access to his spiritual nature is absolutely essential. There are a myriad of names, systems, and methods to perceive this etheric energy, but the need is universal. In this episode, Nate Zeleznick offers one of the most comprehensive meditation, breathwork, and martial arts traditions known to mankind, allowing men to gain access to valuable metaphysical realms. As you’ll learn, many of the world’s most ancient, esoteric teachings have been unavailable to the public and reserved for a select few. With the recognition that humanity could benefit greatly from this martial art, the keepers of the Merpati Putih system decided to share this wisdom practice with the outside world.

In this unique interview, Nate details how he discovered this spiritual technology and why he’s passionate about spreading the knowledge. He explains the intimate relationship between our breath, stress levels, and physical health – and why we often forget these sacred connections. We also journey into the esoteric wilds by exploring astral projection, vision restoration, and other Jedi secrets. From learning how we block our energy to understanding the keys to health, Nate’s mystical and functional insights can serve every man. 

Highlights and Topics:

  • (1:20) Can breathwork and meditation unlock extra-sensory perceptions?
  • (8:18) What are the limitations of both science and mysticism?
  • (13:01) How did Nate learn this highly secretive martial arts technique?
  • (17:20) Is there a way for blind people to perceive their environments?
  • (22:15) What role does stress play in disease and the manifestation process?
  • (28:15) How do ancient spiritual technologies become lost to the public?
  • (32:07) Why is breath awareness so important?
  • (35:35) What is the difference between Merpati Putih breathwork and holotropic breathing?
  • (40:30) How the book “Letting Go” by David Hawkins helped Nate surrender.
  • (41:26) What are the 4 major ways that we block our energy?

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“If we can make ourselves sick we can also make ourselves healthy.” ~ Nate Zeleznick

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