Real Men Feel: Ep. 237, Creating Wealth On Any Income

May 4, 2021

Creating Wealth On Any Income Episode 237, May 4, 2021

Rennie Gabriel is an author, speaker, master financial coach, and founder of Wealth On Any Income. Rennie is out to get more people on the path to wealth, while saving the lives of dogs and veterans along the way.

“Treat yourself like you deserve to own the money you’re earning.” ~ Rennie Gabriel

At age 50, Rennie was flat broke. Despite earning good money and even being a financial planner, his money story prevented him from wealth. With the help of Debtors Anonymous and other resources, he radically altered his approach to budgeting. This realignment allowed him to finally RECEIVE and realize his natural abundance. Now a wealthy man, he only “works” to raise money for meaningful charities and help others find freedom. Today he teaches how to make money work for you, why making more money will merely amplify your current narrative, and how the right debt can make you rich.

Rennie’s brilliant approach combines actionable, financial advice with philosophical, attitudinal insights. The secrets to earning wealth are well known but are often poorly applied, as Rennie explains in this episode. We also dive into how societal messaging affects our financial literacy and the unique ways that men struggle with money. Ultimately, there are steps that every man can take to realize wealth and freedom, regardless of their income.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (3:10) Why the adage “pay yourself first” is often misunderstood. 
  • (7:41) How societal messaging around money affects our financial perceptions.
  • (10:25) What is Rennie’s favorite charitable organization, Shelter to Soldier, all about?
  • (17:18) What’s the difference between success and significance?
  • (18:54) What attitudes separate the wealthy from the ordinary?
  • (24:31) Do men and women have different money issues?
  • (26:01) What life-changing wisdom did Debtors Anonymous teach Rennie?
  • (27:20) What are examples of habits and practices that anyone can implement NOW?
  • (32:35) – Why “handling money and understanding math are two different worlds.” – Rennie Gabriel.
  • (36:06) Why earning more money amplifies who people are but doesn’t change them.

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“Wealthy people recognize it’s a team effort to create wealth, it’s not a solo sport.” ~ Rennie Gabriel

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Shelter to Soldier | A charitable organization providing veterans with rescued support dogs.

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