Real Men Feel: Ep. 231, Dropping The Armor in Your 30’s

March 23, 2021

Dropping The Armor in Your 30’s Episode 231, March 23, 2021

Men’s coach, Joe Bernstein, discusses the concrete benefits of authentic and vulnerable living. We also cover why you should embrace the “Jesus Age”, how to live with an open heart, and why playing it safe will ensure an unfulfilled life.

“Life’s too short to not go after the things that make us truly happy.” ~ Joe Bernstein

Joe Bernstein is on a mission to help other men drop their emotional armor, and feel ALL that life has to offer. Joe underwent a complete physical and mental transformation after his life fell apart, and is now enthusiastically sharing this knowledge with the world.

We talk about why so many men feel unhappy and trapped by their lives and offer a path forward. By recognizing vulnerability as a superpower, rather than viewing it as a weakness, men can completely shift their sense of inner safety. Joe is highly motivated to see others achieve radical growth, and his practical wisdom makes for an illuminating listen.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (1:40) How do you become aware of what armor you are wearing?
  • (2:00) How armor blocks our emotions and numbs sensitivities.
  • (6:20) What are the distinct benefits to dropping our armor?
  • (6:35) How to take responsibility without shaming and blaming ourselves?
  • (8:00) Why are so many men unhappy and unexcited by life?
  • (10:45) Is vulnerability an under-utilized superpower?
  • (14:00) “Only the bravest of people can be vulnerable, it’s the opposite of weakness” – Andy.
  • (15:40) Why the biggest changes often begin with making small choices differently.
  • (16:00) What is the “Jesus Age” and how can you use it to your advantage?
  • (17:10) Why it’s easier to transform your life in your 20s and 30s. 
  • (17:30) “Get a clear head, open heart, and solid gut… and align those three” – Joe Bernstein.
  • (20:30) Why do so many men have a distorted view of masculinity?
  • (25:10) “The definition of masculinity that matters is yours – no matter what – and you can always change it” – Andy.
  • (25:35) Why wanting to change doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the present.
  • (25:50) How to move from being a consumer to a creator.
  • (27:30) “If your life had no obstacles, you wouldn’t be here, there’d be no point” – Andy.
  • (28:00) How Joe has used pain and grief to gain a greater understanding of joy.
  • (31:45) What is an open-hearted badass? 
  • (32:15) Book recommendation from Joe – “Everything is F*cked” by Mark Manson.
  • (33:30) Why playing it safe will ensure an unfulfilled life.
  • (37:00) “You want to be around other people who are committed to choosing love over fear, courage over comfort” – Joe Bernstein.

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“You want to be around other people who are committed to choosing love over fear, courage over comfort” ~ Joe Bernstein

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Real Men Feel ep 231 Dropping The Armor in Your 30's with Joe Bernstein

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