Real Men Feel: Ep. 229, Why Unresolved Trauma Perpetuates Toxicity

March 9, 2021

Why Unresolved Trauma Perpetuates Toxicity Episode 229, March 9, 2021

As a coach, mother, and podcaster, Jennifer Lovely is the ideal guest for this conversation on raising conscious young men. Topics covered include how healthy emotional expression releases toxicity, why pain is part of finding joy, and how to find meaning in grief.

“The toxic is that I was not aware of myself, my feelings, and how I was impacting the world around me.” ~ Jennifer Lovely

I met Jennifer when I was a guest on the Recovery Channel Podcast with Dr. Robb Kelly. Dr. Robb appeared on Real Men Feel last October for an episode on The Alcoholic Brain. The Recovery Channel podcast had a wonderful cohost, Jennifer, that I clicked with and knew I wanted to talk to more.

Jennifer shares her story going from a young bride to a toxic mom. She felt groomed to take care of men. Touching on power dynamics between a young wife and an older man, as well as the passing on of trauma, addiction, codependency, grace, calming your inner a$$hole, and much more.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (1:31) Tell me a bit about your family?
  • (6:29) You referred to yourself as being a toxic mom, what does that mean?
  • (9:30) Always reacting to life as opposed to living life.
  • (13:40) How do you teach young boys about feelings if you don’t feel yours?
  • (14:53 )What’s been your favorite thing about raising your young men?
  • (16:24) Could you have connected with your boys without going through the addiction and recovery journey?
  • (33:40) Is there anything you wish you could teach your boys that you don’t feel you can without being a man?
  • (39:26) Tell me about your podcast?

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“Being raised by a toxic mom is as bad as not having a father.” ~ Jennifer Lovely

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Instagram | @jenniferllovely
Facebook | Jennifer Lovely

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Real Men Feel ep 229 Why Unresolved Trauma Perpetuates Toxicity with guest, Jennifer Lovely

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