Real Men Feel: Ep. 225, Regular Guy Chat With Rob

February 9, 2021

Regular Guy chat With Rob Episode 225, February 9, 2021

Co-host of The Psyche-Delic Podcast, Rob Trimpert, stops by to discuss how men’s expectations in relationships and marriage neglect their genuine emotions and activate the pain-body.

“It is not a feminine thing to display feminine energy. You need those qualities like compassion and empathy.” ~ Robert Trimpert

I haven’t done a regular guy chat in quite awhile. That’s what I call in when a Real Men Feel listener steps up to say he’d like to come on the show and share a bit of his experience and wisdom.

Rob and I bond over being Cancers and how that sign has us being more emotional. He expounds on men and women’s conditioning as to what they should expect of men in terms of emotions, openness, relationships, and what makes a man. Most of society is unconscious of this. When it comes to relationships, we bring our tainted selves into them. If we never take the time to grow and authentically communicate with each other, the relationship is destined for destruction.

Rob shares how an acid trip opened him up to the reality that love is everything. Then I got Rob to close his eyes for a couple of quick experiments, and you can play along and do them too.

Highlights Include:

  • (1:41) How do you define the pain-body?
  • (3:30) What sort of expectations do most men have for relationships and marriage?
  • (5:15) Who is this Tina you speak of?
  • (6:09) What was your wife’s expectation of you?
  • (8:51) When you were growing up, did you feel emotionally different from other boys?
  • (11:47) What are some of the ways men are conditioned to deal with their emotions?
  • (14:51) Why might a man feel neglected in marriage?
  • (21:31) Love is hormone-driven.
  • (25:22) What prompted you to change and grow?
  • (28:41 )Any tips for self-love for a man?
  • (35:35) What’s been a big surprise to you from your own marriage?
  • (40:04) Any advice for a guy realizing he’s got to unpack some old emotions?
  • (44:49) Tell me about the Psyche-Delic podcast.

“It’s not a weakness to be vulnerable… it is a very manly thing to do, but people don’t understand that because they are just living in their ego.” ~ Robert Trimpert

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Real Men Feel ep 225, Regular Guy Chat with Rob Trimpert

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