Real Men Feel: Ep. 219, Mental Health & Emotional Freedom

December 22, 2020

Mental Health & Emotional Freedom Episode 219, December 22, 2020

Mental health advocate, Martin Fretwell, join us to share his journey through depression, erectile dysfunction, and how he uses that to fuel his service to other men with his Men’s Mental Health Virtual Summit.

“The summit is about empowering emotions and utilizing your emotions. Understanding them, feeling them, accepting them – whatever they are.” ~ Martin Fretwell

I thought Real Men Feel was done for 2020, but they pulled me back in! Actually, I’m glad to be pulled back in to share this conversation with Martin and share his Emotional Freedom Summit, which I had the pleasure of being a late addition to.

Martin openly shares his experiences with loneliness, depression, and erectile dysfunction, in addition to his attempt to Eat, Pray, Love himself to happiness. Martin openly shares his experiences with loneliness, depression, and erectile dysfunction, in addition to his effort to Eat, Pray, Love himself to happiness. We also discuss the masks so many men wear, including having all the answers, blaming others, and believing that thinking can solve all our problems.

In this episode, we explore the notion of rock bottom, the hero’s arc, and the power of surrender. Life can be hard, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

Highlights Include:

  • (1:35) Tell me about your Men’s Mental Health Summit?
  • (3:57) Is emotional health different from mental health?
  • (7:14) Why did you make this event?
  • (7:52) Challenges with erectile dysfunction and depression.
  • (9:19) The black and white of labels vs. experiences.
  • (11:28) Before that breakup in your 20s, had you experienced any depressive episodes?
  • (12:46) Was it your anger that first had you explore personal development?
  • (16:09) Hating everybody Judging everybody.
  • (16:47) Was the ED contributing to your loneliness?
  • (17:54) Looking back, why did you hate everybody?
  • (19:04) Were you one of the people you hated?
  • (21:03) Were these “why bother” thoughts your rock bottom?
  • (23:51) Why do men need to hit a “rock bottom” before seeking help?
  • (24:50) Searching for the “one thing.”
  • (30:33) What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about yourself?
  • (34:43) Does your life even matter?
  • (36:08) Has the ED resolved?
  • (39:21) Where can people get more info on the summit?
  • (40:09) What are your plans for the future?

“So much of the difficulties and challenges in life have been based on this frame that I can think my way out of any problem.” ~ Martin Fretwell

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Real Men Feel, 291 - Men's Mental Health and Emotional Freedom with guest, Martin Fretwell

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