Real Men Feel: Ep. 217, How Gender Issues Can Screw Us Up

December 8, 2020

How Gender Issues Can Screw Us Up Episode 217, December 8, 2020

Coach and writer, MaLe Corona, shares how growing up in a traditional Mexican family with a submissive mother and a dominating father affected her and her vow not to be either of them.

“I remember thinking from a young age… why do men get certain treatment? Why do women get certain treatment? How should I behave in order to get treated the way I want to be treated?” ~ MaLe Corona

This week, we get a look into Hispanic culture via one family in Mexico City. MaLe shares her thoughts growing up and noticing that boys and men were treated differently from women. She liked how males were treated more and developed a hatred of all things feminine, including herself. We also explore the back and forth game of domination and manipulation by men and women.

MaLe shares a fascinating glimpse into how a young girl perceived femininity and masculinity and how that affected her self-worth and actions. She also speaks of her experiences in an all-girls Catholic school around homosexuality, suicidal thoughts, and discovering her father was having an affair.

MaLe now feels like an empowered woman who loves her femininity. She realizes men don’t have it made; both genders suffer from the same things in different manifestations. Men are not encouraged to explore themselves, grow, speak, share, and heal their anger and pain.

This conversation has some powerful insights on the relationships between fathers and daughters and the confusion around expected gender roles. Plus, some vocal dog guests in MaLe’s neighborhood.

Highlights Include:

  • (1:57) Tell me about growing up in Mexico?
  • (3:06) Assumptions about Mexican culture.
  • (5:44) Were you aware from a young age of gender roles in your family?
  • (10:53) What was your relationship with your father like?
  • (15:00) You weren’t consciously choosing to battle gender roles; you just wanted your father’s attention?
  • (17:57) Did you talk about your thoughts on gender roles with anybody?
  • (22:41) Discovering her father was cheating on her mother.
  • (26:26) Your dad told you, “One day you’ll understand” about men cheating. Did that day come?
  • (28:49) When did your healing transition into wanting to help men?
  • (39:08) As you’ve healed and stopped modeling these distortions of femininity and masculinity, have you seen changes in your family?
  • (43:30) Anything you wish more men knew?
  • (46:15) Tell me about Male Wholeness.
  • (50:00) What’s the best way to connect with you?
  • (50:51) Did you ever share the news of your dad’s affair?

“I’m the victim, and through my victimhood, I get what I need. The other side is, I’m the macho man, and through my domination and my rage, I get what I need. It’s a game both are playing all the time.” ~ MaLe Corona

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Real Men Feel 217, How Gender Issues Can Screw Us Up with guest, MaLe Corona

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2 comments on “Real Men Feel: Ep. 217, How Gender Issues Can Screw Us Up

  1. william potter Dec 8, 2020

    amazing show. Love the content and inspirational truth MaLe speaks with and Andy is an amazing interviewer of Authentic.