Real Men Feel: Ep. 197, I’ve Sat With My Emotions; Now What?

August 4, 2020

I’ve Sat With My Emotions; Now What? Episode 197, August 4, 2020

Coach and author of Confident Introvert, Stephanie Thoma, joins us to share ways to decrease anxiety and demystify our feelings, with a deep dive into introverts and extroverts.

“An introvert is more likely to get their energy from solitude than socializing. Extroverts are more likely to get their energy from socializing.” ~ Stephanie Thoma

Stephanie focuses on networking for introverts and explains that introversion is really about where you get your energy from, while many of the things people ascribe to introverts are more issues of social anxiety and confidence. She explores nature vs nurture in regards to introversion and what it means to be introverted compared to what it means to be confident.

Even people who say they aren’t very impacted by the pandemic are subconsciously processing intense changes throughout the world. Many people are experiencing emotional roller coasters of some optimistic days, then wanting to just sleep in, asking; what’s the point?  It is a matter of being present to what is real for us. It is important to observe our emotions and having a healthy sense of detachment. Be compassionate and understanding with yourself and others.

We explore how wearing masks can affect people’s confidence levels and perhaps raise the fear felt between people, as well as ways to network in a pandemic. After all, networking is just friend making for adults.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (2:02) Were you always a stress-free, confident person?
  • (2:40) When did you realize you wanted to be more confident?
  • (4:27) I’ve been encouraging people to use this downtime to go within. When we first spoke you said something like –  I’ve sat with myself, emotions have surfaced, now what the fuck do I do?
  • (7:09) Seeing yourself as more than your emotions.
  • (8:05) Is judging our emotions part of being introverted?
  • (10:06) 99% of people are ambiverts.
  • (11:17) The importance of being seen and also understood. 
  • (13:50) Are introverts thriving during the lock-down of the pandemic?
  • (17:47) Feeling confident approaching people wearing a mask.
  • (22:45) Networking is friend-making as an adult.
  • (24:51) Is confidence about faking it till you make it?
  • (27:46) Narrative therapy with a journal.
  • (31:18) Getting clarity on how do I feel? And how did I get here?
  • (33:50) Do the pandemic and economic fears increase the anxiety of both introverts and extroverts?
  • (39:22) What about job hunting in this time of high uncertainty?
  • (47:02) Do you see yourself as an introvert or an extravert?
  • (48:41) Tell me about your book, Confident Introvert.
  • (51:12) What are you hopeful about?
  • (53:45) Best way to reach out to you?

“Not judging emotions is so paramount. When we numb ourselves to the bad, we numb ourselves to the good as well.” ~ Stephanie Thoma

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