Real Men Feel: Ep. 190, Coping With Life

June 2, 2020

Coping With Life Episode 190, June 2, 2020

Entrepreneur, musician, suicide attempt survivor, and founder of, Johnny Crowder, joins us to share his journey and how’s he serving people on theirs.

“When I really think about why I wanted to die, it was that I wanted to rest. I wanted a break. I wanted to feel not so much stimulus.” ~ Johnny Crowder

Johnny Crowder is a genuine rock star with his band, Prison. He’s also dealt with mental health challenges all of his life is now the CEO of, a daily mental health support text messaging service with users in 87 countries, which has sent over 400,000 messages of support to users.

We trade some suicidal experiences, talk about coping mechanisms, solutions as vitamins (you don’t take just one), and consider suicidal ideation both logically and emotionally. Also, the big realization that your behavior isn’t only affecting you, one of the biggest lies suicidal people can tell themselves, and some of the illusions of being a MAN. But wait, there’s more! We step into the travails of being a professional musician and life on the road. Then we explore the power in self-reporting and the magic of journaling.

One thing that never fails to strike me doing Real Men Feel is how much joy and laughter there can be in two suicide attempt survivors talking to each other.

TRIGGER WARNING: There is open talk about suicidal thoughts and attempts in this episode.

If you are contemplating suicide, please reach out for help. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text HOME to 741741. Outside of the US, get more numbers here

Crisis Text Line 741741

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:23) How’s the pandemic treating you?
  • (2:39) Johnny’s rushed life story.
  • (4:35) Was making a suicide attempt a way to cope?
  • (6:23) Believing you want to die and “failed attempts.”
  • (10:20) Self-harm and feeling in control.
  • (11:52) You had a ten-year healing journey?
  • (12:48) Did you feel that you could be helped?
  • (16:50) The one thing.
  • (17:20) What made you accept help?
  • (19:29) The big lie to ourselves.
  • (21:44) How old were you when you found that music helped?
  • (23:24) What type of music have your bands played?
  • (24:42) Attempting to veil himself as a performer and then being open.
  • (28:00) Why did you hide?
  • (30:40) Johnny’s go-to phrase
  • (31:45) What prompted your shift to authenticity?
  • (34:27) What prompted your advocacy work?
  • (37:22) Realizing you can help others, and it makes you feel better.
  • (39:26) Where did the idea for Cope Notes come from?
  • (41:28) How does Cope Notes work?
  • (45:10) What if someone is in crisis?
  • (47:09) Are there more plans for Cope Notes?
  • (50:01) Are there other aspects to your advocacy?
  • (52:09) What are you proudest of?
  • (55:27) Do suicidal thoughts still linger?
  • (57:03) What do you wish more people knew?

“I simultaneously thought that nobody could help me and also that I didn’t need help.” ~ Johnny Crowder

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Coping With Life with guest, Johnny Crowder.
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