Real Men Feel: Ep. 179, Feeling Through The Pandemic

April 12, 2020

Feeling Through the Pandemic Episode 179, April 12, 2020

Kevin Fitzmaurice is an extraordinary regular guy who is out to inspire the world by sharing his life long struggle with depression and anxiety. I asked him to return to Real Men Feel to talk about dealing with all the emotions that might rise up at this crazy time.

I think this is a great challenge for us. What do we want to be when we get out of this?” ~ Kevin Fitzmaurice

Kevin returns for an Easter special to discuss the emotions that can rise up in this time of fear and isolation, our resistance to feeling them, and how to dive in. We all have the opportunity to choose who we are going forward. What will you do with this gift of time?

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (0:04) What Andy’s been feeling.
  • (4:45) How has Kevin been?
  • (5:33) The coronavirus diet and exercise as an antidepressant.
  • (6:17) What got Kevin really depressed.
  • (6:58) Not having a purpose right now.
  • (8:32) Being an over-thinker.
  • (10:10) The fear of fear becoming worse.
  • (13:16) What do we want “normal” to be?
  • (16:06) In all tough times, the best in people does show up.
  • (19:18) The beauty of life.
  • (20:23) The old excuse of not having enough time.
  • (22:13) This is a resurrection opportunity for us all.
  • (25:20) Struggling with finding the off switch as everything blurs together.
  • (28:14) This is a time we can all reclaim our power.
  • (31:08) Choosing love or fear.
  • (36:04) Final tips for someone feeling emotionally isolated. 

“If they could make a magic pill that fixed all your problems, it would be exercise.” ~ Kevin Fitzmaurice

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Feeling Through The Pandemic

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