Real Men Feel: Ep. 174, The Masculine in Relationship

March 17, 2020

The Masculine in Relationship Episode 174, March 17, 2020

Coach and author, GS Youngblood, joins us to discuss men, women, relationships, and the keys to developing your masculine core. His new book is called, The Masculine in Relationship: A Blueprint for Inspiring the Trust, Lust, and Devotion of a Strong Woman.

“If you’re not receiving your woman’s pain, if you can’t hear it, validate it, and make space for it – she’s going to turn up the volume on you.” ~ GS Youngblood

GS wants people to learn from his mistakes and grow from being a somewhat emasculated man to being someone sitting in their masculine power. Being able to operate in the moment of choice, before automatic reactions fire.

The book, Masculine in Relationship, offers an actionable three-part framework to strengthen your masculine core. This includes: responding vs. reacting, providing structure, and creating safety. This model of masculine power takes nothing away from feminine strength. You can develop your masculine core and leadership, and realize that relationships are not a zero-sum game.

Masculine power can successfully co-exist with the strong feminine. We explore what men do that leads to women feeling abandoned, how we can tame our anxiety, get in touch with our emotions and our masculine core.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:28) What’s the reaction to the book, The Masculine in Relationship, been so far?
  • (2:25) What prompted you to focus on relationships?
  • (3:42) Who is the intended audience for the book?
  • (4:11) When did you feel emasculated in your first marriage?
  • (5:52) The importance of being heard, and not taking things personally.
  • (6:34) How do I tame my anxiety?
  • (9:00) Benefits of being truly present.
  • (10:15) What are non-masculine behaviors?
  • (12:42) What is the masculine core?
  • (13:48) What was the process of creating this book?
  • (14:47) Do you find any aspect of your framework more challenging to embody than the others?
  • (16:03) Is this simply read a book and you’ll have everything covered?
  • (16:39) Can you define what you mean by a strong woman?
  • (19:11) Can a strong masculine and a strong feminine co-exist well or is it always a battle?
  • (20:16) Leading without taking no as a rejection.
  • (21:52) You’ve been involved in men’s work for a dozen years, what kicked off your journey?
  • (25:55) If every relationship salvageable?
  • (27:34) Have you explored the spiritual side and alpha dog side?
  • (32:52) Experiencing unconditional love.
  • (35:44) Projecting on other people’s communication.
  • (38:24) Did you truly not believe you had emotions?
  • (43:40) What is a man of depth?
  • (45:43) Do I need to be an asshole to get a beautiful woman?
  • (46:34) What’s your view on toxic masculinity?
  • (49:44) Can you share a habit, practice, program, or book that has helped you?
  • (52:10) What are you looking forward to?
  • (53:57) Where can people find you and your book?

“A daily embodiment practice can really start to change your level of reactivity.” ~ GS Youngblood

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