Real Men Feel: Ep. 171, Regular Guy Chat with Kevin

February 25, 2020

Regular Guy Chat with Kevin Episode 171, February 25, 2020

Kevin Fitzmaurice is an extraordinary regular guy who is out to inspire the world by sharing his life long struggle with depression and anxiety. Two friends of mine, who don’t know each other, both connected me with Kevin on the same day saying you have to talk to Kevin! So let’s talk to Kevin!

“Society today has sort of a rub some dirt on it mentality. ‘Man up,’ and that doesn’t work anymore.” ~ Kevin Fitzmaurice

Kevin is another beautifully brave, open and honest regular guy. In this conversation he shares his experiences with panic attacks, cognitive behavioral therapy, wanting someone to fix him, choosing how much power to give his thoughts, and much more.

This is a deep yet upbeat discussion on what strength, weakness, and breakdowns mean and how they can change depending on context. We also dig into the dangers and repercussions of not dealing with difficult emotions like grief. 

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:04) People playing matchmaker for us.
  • (1:55) Why did we need to connect?
  • (3:15) Being strong when his dad died.
  • (5:05) Thoughts on toxic masculinity.
  • (5:24) What does “being strong” mean to you?
  • (7:09) The hardest experience of Kevin’s life.
  • (7:35) The strength it takes to show emotions.
  • (10:41) In the maze of anxiety and depression.
  • (15:10) What was your experience with sitting and feeling it all?
  • (21:36) Are you almost looking forward to a panic attack now?
  • (28:20) Judging our thoughts.
  • (33:47) Is it okay for men to cry?
  • (37:00) Terry Crews and masculinity.
  • (37:44) Believing that you don’t have to feel.
  • (40:04) In many situations, being strong is being fake.
  • (42:50) But I’m sick of feeling!
  • (47:00) You can overcome anything in your life.
  • (52:36) The other side of every horrible emotion.
  • (53:47) Can you share a practice, program, or book that has helped you?

“You can be the happiest, most confident person in the world, and feel like you have everything together… go see a therapist anyway.” ~ Kevin Fitzmaurice

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Books by Dr. Claire Weekes, Hope and Help for Your Nerves: End Anxiety Now and Freedom from Nervous Suffering (Audio book).
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Regular Guy Chat with Kevin Fitzmaurice

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