Real Men Feel: Ep. 170, Leadership Breakdown

February 18, 2020

Leadership Breakdown Episode 170, February 18, 2020

Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker, and Author, Eric Kaufmann, joins us to discuss his new book, Leadership Breakdown: The Symptoms, Solutions And Resources To Lead Beyond The Breakdown. Eric has mentored hundreds of CEOs and high-powered executives to move through even the most catastrophic breakdowns with ease and grace, to reveal a vast well of greatness just hiding underneath, waiting to be unleashed. Plus, he’s a fascinating man.

“A leader is somebody who organizes and influences people to achieve meaningful results.” ~ Eric Kaufmann

Eric’s bio referred to him as “a rare and exotic creature who is both brilliant at business while also deeply humble as a result of over thirty years of spiritual training in Zen meditation.” And he really is. Eric is bringing conscious leadership and much-needed kindness to businesses of all sizes. His teachings are designed for leaders who want to leave the ego-driven paradigms of the past behind and create meaningful results for individuals, organizations, and the planet.

Learn how scuba diving, Zen meditation, and life experience formed Eric’s views on how we can organize and influence people to get shit done with curiosity, boldness, and kindness. Business leaders have replaced churches and governments as being the biggest influencers of society. Bringing conscious leadership to more people and organizations is crucial for the betterment of all of us.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:40) Why is leadership important?
  • (2:23) What got you first interested in leadership?
  • (4:10) The merger of teaching and leading.
  • (5:59) The absence of leadership.
  • (6:23) Leadership beyond the executive suite.
  • (8:40) What is conscious leadership?
  • (10:13) Are leadership breakdowns rooted in a lack of consciousness?
  • (11:14) Are breakdowns more likely with CEOs who don’t take input from others?
  • (14:08) Qualities of good leaders are the qualities of good human beings.
  • (15:22) Three qualities of conscious leaders.
  • (16:55) Are organizations coming to you for help in growing their consciousness?
  • (22:40) Delta Airlines example.
  • (24:31) Were you raised in any spiritual or religious tradition?
  • (26:12) How did you go from a Zen community to corporate America?
  • (29:32) Are people more receptive to this today?
  • (31:29) Are good leaders born or made?
  • (35:34) Leadership impulse to take more responsibility.
  • (36:06) Does adding kindness and consciousness eliminate common mistakes of leadership?
  • (38:33) Will a conscious organization last even through economic downturns?
  • (40:23) What are some signs of a leadership breakdown?
  • (42:14) Is there an ideal age or size of the company to take on these changes?
  • (43:30) Are more leaders opening up to this or shutting down?
  • (46:40) Download free Top 10 Leadership Mistakes and get notified when the book is ready.

“My essential understanding of life is that you are a creator and the raw material is love.” ~ Eric Kaufmann

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Leadership Breakdown with guest, Eric Kaufmann
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