Real Men Feel: Ep. 165, Healing The Inner Child

January 14, 2020

Healing The Inner Child Episode 165, January 14, 2020

Healer, coach, and suicide attempt survivor, Jeffrey Saunders, stops by to discuss growth, healing, and service following trauma and depression. It is never too late to heal that scared little boy inside.

“I always felt like a little guy in a big body.” ~Jeffrey Saunders

Today we explore the inner child of a seemingly broken man. Jeffrey shares his harrowing tale of addiction, an emotionally absent father, multiple suicide attempts, and a near-death experience that gifted him healing abilities. We discuss lightworkers, the darkness of never feeling wanted, the power of forgiveness and much more.

TRIGGER WARNING: There is a lot of open talk about suicide attempts and means used in this episode.

We all can only do what our tools and knowledge at any given time allow us to do. One of the greatest things about life is that there are always more tools and knowledge to discover and put to use.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (2:03) What does being a Healer and Lightworker mean?
  • (4:53) Have you always been a spiritual man?
  • (8:14) You’ve made multiple suicide attempts? TRIGGER WARNING
  • (14:00) The pain and suffering that leads to suicide.
  • (16:00) How the final attempt changed Jeff’s life.
  • (16:31) Not being able to understand someone feeling suicidal.
  • (17:24) Was your experience with drugs only a temporarily successful self-medication?
  • (18:40) Are you now aware of what you didn’t want to feel when you were a child?
  • (19:19) Exploring the inner child.
  • (22:25) Not being good at ending your life.
  • (24:24) What is our inner child?
  • (28:00) When did you become aware of your own inner child?
  • (33:12) What has helped heal that little boy the most?
  • (35:12) How we forgive ourselves.
  • (37:47) The notion of a broken man.
  • (40:34) Jeff’s most recent bout of severe depression and anxiety.
  • (48:37) Tell me about the healings you do on Facebook?
  • (54:19) How can people learn more?

“Secrets are negative attachments and they are keeping us from having great success in our life.” ~ Jeffrey Saunders

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Healing The Inner Child with Jeffrey Saunders
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