Real Men Feel: Ep. 162, Regular Guy Chat with Tim

December 17, 2019

Regular Guy Chat with Tim Episode 162, December 17, 2019

Husband, father of two, and Chiropractor, Timothy Murzicki, joins us to discuss the importance and challenges of family and fatherhood.

For any decision, I ask; will this benefit my family and if so, how?” ~ Tim Murzycki

Tim is a friend of mine and what struck me when traveling with him recently was his daily checking in with his kids. It seemed to me that it was a priority and that his conversations and interactions weren’t forced. Plus his son and daughter enjoyed them too and were genuinely glad to see their dad pop up on their phone.

We discussed life with children (Tim’s choice) as well as deciding not to have children (my choice). Tim shared what he finds to be most important in being a dad, what he hopes to model for his kids, and the challenges men have in expressing their emotions. This is one of my all-time favorite conversations and I think you’ll dig it too.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (2:31) Why I invited Tim to be a guest.
  • (4:40) Is building that connection with your children something you grew up with?
  • (5:50) People seem to either raise their children opposite of the way they were raised or they choose to model what their parents did.
  • (6:32) How, if at all, would you like to see the world change by the time they are having their own children?
  • (9:35) What is important to you as a parent?
  • (12:52) Choosing not to have children.
  • (16:58) What makes a great dad?
  • (19:25) Seeing a family that made a huge impact on him.
  • (24:28) Dads who don’t feel the connection with their kids.
  • (24:32) Since boys are often taught not to feel, does that mean we can learn to feel? Is this a learnable skill?
  • (32:00) How did you learn what it means to be a man?
  • (34:55) A conversation with his dad about saying “I love you.”
  • (40:02) Being analytical or following your heart?
  • (42:30) Can you share a habit, practice, program, or book that has helped you?
  • (41:24) Is there a habit, practice, book or anything you want to share?
  • (43:11) Anything you wish more men knew?
  • (45:09) What are you proud of?
  • (47:00) What are you looking forward to?
  • (47:57) A rambling question about awareness of what more you could be doing.

We don’t always have to be the tough guys. There is a tremendous amount of power in saying, I’m sorry.” ~ Tim Murzycki

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Regular Guy Chat with Tim
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