Real Men Feel: Ep. 159, Ever Been Ashamed of Being a Man?

November 26, 2019

Ever Been Ashamed of Being a Man? Episode 159, November 26, 2019

Real estate developer and author, Alan Collenette, is passionate about helping men help women to thrive in business and life. He’s also ashamed of the legacy men have created around perpetrators that women have had to endure.

Men do their part, but they don’t do more than their part.” ~ Alan Collenette

Alan shares stories from the powerful women he grew up with as well as the discomfort he felt being one of only five men at a conference with 600 women. He heard far too many #MeToo stories at that conference and resolved to help more men help women thrive in the workplace.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:19) When were you ashamed of being a man?
  • (7:10) Until that point, had you not met a man who did more than his fair share?
  • (8:15) Did you see masculine role models growing up?
  • (10:20) Is the notion of men in the UK having a stiff upper lip and keeping things to themselves accurate?
  • (11:07) If your dad had been more open with you might that have effected your shame of being a man?
  • (11:34) Was masculinity something you discussed with your father later in life?
  • (11:52) Sad to hear anyone is ashamed of being a man.
  • (13:20) How do you express your passion?
  • (16:40) If the data shows that women-led companies perform better, are they still held back due to traditional gender roles or something else?
  • (18:43) Is there a role for men in establishing gender equality in the workplace?
  • (19:45) Why men don’t get involved in redressing the balance.
  • (22:51) #MeToo and the workplace.
  • (28:34) How do you help men support women in the workplace?
  • (30:37) Is there anything more to championing women than hiring more women?
  • (33:05) Can you tell me more about MARC (Male Advocates for Real Change)?
  • (37:12 ) Why is the notion of men supporting women so important to you?
  • (39:59) In the ideal, balanced workplace, are men and women doing different things?
  • (41:10) Do you have a goal in what you see in other companies?
  • (42:33) Is the goal a 50/50 split in the workplace?
  • (43:11) Is there a message for men who fear women taking their jobs?
  • (45:16) What does “real men feel” imply?
  • (48:32) The workplace is designed for men with little thought for women.
  • (51:32) Is there something that you wish more men knew?

It makes no sense that only 5.2% of CEOs in the US are women and only 14.5% of board members.” ~ Alan Collenette

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Recommended books:
Diversity Inc.: The Failed Promise of a Billion-Dollar Business by Pamela Newkirk
The Time Has Come: Why Men Must Join the Gender Equality Revolution by Michael Kaufman.

Organizations to check out: Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) and Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

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Real Men Feel: Ever Been Ashamed of Being a Man?

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One comment on “Real Men Feel: Ep. 159, Ever Been Ashamed of Being a Man?

  1. Anonymous Nov 21, 2020

    This man Alan Collenette does not feel. He left his family but before doing so took the family savings and spent it on a woman he was working with. He has left his wife and children in financial ruin. A true narcissist. No empathy. All of his claims in helping women are just to coat his frail ego because he is guilty of abusing his own family.