Real Men Feel: Ep. 151, Living with Someone Who Is Suicidal

October 8, 2019

Living With Someone Who Is Suicidal Episode 151, October 8, 2019

Recently, my wife, Lori Grant, appeared on One Broken Mom to talk about living with someone who is suicidal (aka me). This episode of Real Men Feel, is of me watching that interview for the first time. I pause the One Broken Mom show a few times to share my thoughts. This episode is very much of an experiment. I hope it benefits you.

I’m not gonna care more than you do.” ~ Lori Grant

I firmly believe that one of the best ways to prevent suicide is to talk about it openly. With that said, listening to people talk openly about you is challenging. It was very bizarre to watch this, ignore the warnings that I shoudln’t, and hear my wife say things that she hasn’t said to me.

WARNING: If your life has been touched closely and intimately by suicide, this could be a tough episode to listen to – so pace yourself if you need to. This is a candid conversation about suicide and suicide ideation. 

I’ve never been so afraid to watch a video ~ Andy Grant

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (0:44) Andy sets up the show.
  • (1:18) The first time I saw my wife speak about me.
  • (4:09) Trigger Warning from Ameé.
  • (7:36) Andy pauses the show to give his initial reaction.
  • (8:48) Ameé and Lori
  • (12:00) How did you and Andy meet?
  • (13:23) “He’s so sensitive” and Andy’s reaction.
  • (14:29) When you learned what was going on with Andy, what was your initial thought?
  • (15:44) Perceptions of Andy.
  • (17:54) How long into your relationship before you saw Andy’s depression?
  • (19:10) What did you do when his depression first showed up?
  • (22:28) Andy pauses to talk about stays in mental hospitals.
  • (26:46) How did you handle this as a couple?
  • (31:30) The story behind Lori’s epiphany.
  • (38:50) How do you refill your tank?
  • (42:20) Serving someone elves needs instead of your own.
  • (44:27) Did you see the most recent bout coming?
  • (46:12) Living with the fear of losing someone.
  • (56:10) Do you know work with spouses in similar situations to yours?
  • (1:00:30) What’s the benefit of the action?
  • (1:04:40) What the first step for someone finding them in a similar circumstance?
  • (1:13:42) Final thoughts from Andy

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“The only person you can save is your self. Everyone else, we serve.” ~ Lori Grant

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