Real Men Feel: Ep. 147, Healing Men Through Metalwork

September 11, 2019

Healing Men Through Metalwork Episode 147, September 11, 2019

My returning guest, Henry Johnstone, is a coach, mentor, speaker, artist, and podcaster. Henry recently completed leading his first men’s retreat which focused on metalwork. Transforming steel to transform yourself.

Transforming steel

“Once I knew how to join steel to steel I found something that had been missing from my life; I was good at something.” ~ Henry Johnstone

Henry Johnstone joins us to discuss the molten power of metalwork when it comes to men’s work. The responsibility, sacrifice, creativity and fun of working with fire and steel. Metalwork taps into something primal and awakens an essence of men that too many men have lost.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (3:18) The myth around talking about suicide.
  • (4:28) What do you do to support someone?
  • (7:48) What was so unique about your recent workshop/retreat?
  • (9:30) What did working with steel show you was missing from your life?
  • (12:14) Did someone introduce you to metalwork?
  • (15:06) Were you creative and artistic before discovering your love of steel?
  • (16:24) How did you find that this work helped other men?
  • (19:05) What specifically did you do at the retreat?
  • (24:59) What sort of results did the men have? The beat method
  • (27:06) The alchemical process of transformation.
  • (30:50) Preserving primal, aggressive masculinity.
  • (32:31) The importance of accessing our primal aspect.
  • (34:32) Do you plan more of these metal retreats?
  • (39:34) The mystical process of creativity; sacrifice and honor.
  • (40:34) What is Henry’s grand vision?
  • (43:43) The power of community and service.
  • (46:03) Building rapport with steel or people.
  • (51:09) Getting in touch with Henry for next workshop.
  • (54:00) Men Helping Men group
  • (55:52) What is one thing you wish more men knew?

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“No one has the power to tell you who you are or who you are destined to be.” ~ Henry Johnstone

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Ep 147 - Healing Men Through Metalwork

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