Real Men Feel: Ep. 136, Living a Confident Life

March 26, 2019

Living a Confident Life Episode 136, March 26, 2019

Coach, educator, and podcaster, Dennis Sumlin, joins us to discuss harnessing your spirituality to master your inner game and take the field.

Confidence coach and blind man are not two phrases that go together often, but Dennis Sumlin is a powerful example of a man living beyond any label.

“In order to be a confident man from the core, we must take ownership of our feelings and choices.” ~Dennis Sumlin

Being a man requires confidence. Dennis believes embracing our emotions and spirit are key to creating self confidence.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • What is confidence?
  • Denis discusses three types of confidence: situational, self-esteem, and core confidence.
  • How can someone tell whether they have confidence or not?
  • Are some people naturally confident?
  • Is your own confidence something you had to work at?
  • How has being blind impacted your confidence?
  • How is harnessing your spirituality part of confidence?
  • Where does taking ownership of our feelings and choices come in?
  • Does healthy confidence require humility?
  • Are there some common habits people fall into that lower their confidence?
  • What are some basic tools to help develop more confidence?
  • What are some typical blocks you see to men exploring their spirituality?

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“Society challenged my perceptions of myself, my masculinity too.” ~ Dennis Sumlin

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