Real Men Feel: Ep. 132, When the Going Gets Tough

March 4, 2019

When the Going Gets Tough Episode 132, March 4, 2019

The path of personal growth and spiritual awareness is not always easy and fun. Andy Grant is joined by two higher-level initiates of the Modern Mystery School, Brandon Boucher and Dr. Sean Carey, to talk about personal progression, growth, and pushing through the challenging times.

“I find when I share things that help me, they usually help other people as well.” ~Andy Grant

This episode is the most self-serving I’ve ever done. This conversation is happening because I desperately need it.

It is supposed to be that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Yet, my prior experience has long been with the going gets tough, I want to quit. This year I’m embarking on the Ritual Master path with the Modern Mystery School, and with that a lot of fear is coming up. So I reached out to two men who are further along than I am for some advice and support.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • Sean, how and why did you first got involved with the Modern Mystery School?
  • Sean describes his awakening and kundalini experience.
  • Brandon, how do you describe the Modern Mystery School?
  • What is Magick?
  • Is this a cult?
  • Have you done any sort of personal growth work before this path?
  • Is your personal growth, your progression, always easy?
  • This path has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done – Sean
  • Brandon, Is it ever fun and easy?
  • If it is so challenging, why do it?
  • Have the fears and doubts been prominent for you?
  • Have you ever felt like giving up?
  • What did you do when everything felt stacked against you?
  • The Importance of developing your will.
  • How would you describe the Ritual Master path?
  • What is the negative ego?
  • What do you do to discern between something being your ego keeping you where you are and something that serves your highest good?
  • You both mentioned purpose, does that mean you know your purpose or is this MMS path helping you discover it more and more?
  • Andy shares his biggest fear.
  • What are some helpful things that anyone can put to use?
  • The episode Andy mentioned doing from a low point, Real Men Can Fall Into Depression and Rise Again

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“Fear is what prevents people from going forward.” ~ Dr. Sean Carey

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