Real Men Feel: Ep. 100, Looking Back and Looking Forward

July 6, 2018

Looking Back and Looking Forward Episode 100, July 3, 2018

This week Andy Grant and Appio Hunter gather for the 100th episode of Real Men Feel, sharing their highlights, favorite moments and more from the past 2 1/2 years and share news about the future of Real Men Feel.

“Real Men Feel was created to encourage men to allow for and express all of their emotions.” ~Andy Grant

Real Men Feel began on Tuesday, February 23, 2016, on Blab, a social media platform that didn’t come close to lasting as long as this show has. We wanted to remind men that they are human beings, entitled and capable of a full range of emotions.

Originally the goal was to do a monthly show, but the 2nd episode in March 2016 we decided we were enjoying it more than expected and went for making it weekly. We didn’t have an official guest until episode 6 when author and coach, Nick Breau, joined us for the Power of Joy back on April 5, 2016.

Topics Covered Include:

  • How it all began.
  • Real Men Feel by the numbers.
  • Who’s been on the most?
  • What shows and guests stand out to you?
  • More on MGTOW.
  • The impact the show has had on the hosts.
  • What do you think about the state of Men today and perhaps over the course of this show?
  • Any favorite show or types of shows? Deva and Kimberlee
  • What’s the future look like for Appio?
  • Where is Real Men Feel headed?


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“Men are not the Vulcans of Star Trek, that is science fiction. We are not emotionless automatons.” ~Appio Hunter

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