Real Men Feel: Ep. 90, What is MGTOW?

April 18, 2018

What is MGTOW? with MGTOW Universe Episode 90, April 17, 2018

This week Andy Grant is joined by a man who goes by the name, “MGTOW Universe,” to share his thoughts on what MGTOW is and isn’t. If you aren’t familiar with the term, MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way. This show is a follow up to Men Going Their Own Way with Anthony Simeone, which we did last month and got lots of comments on YouTube and Soundcloud. Even though most of them simply attacked and called me names, Real Men Feel did find some men we could engage with.

“To be a man today, when communicating with women, is extremely dangerous. It can destroy you.” ~MGTOW Universe

After hearing that MGTOW was a group of angry men who hate women and blame them for everything, Andy was eager to have a conversation with someone involved in MGTOW. At the core, MGTOW is concerned with male disposability and believes that society doesn’t care about men and that women are not held accountable. They think that any man who looks at the pros and cons of being in a relationship with a woman, removing all emotion, will see the sane and obvious choice is not to get involved.

Topics Covered Include:

  • What is MGTOW?
  • How did you first get involved with it?
  • Why do you hide your identity?
  • Do you speak for yourself or are you representing MGTOW?
  • Is there a leader or founder?
  • What is the goal of MGTOW?
  • Is this good for society?
  • This seems like a very defensive stance, why?
  • Is this an asexual or homosexual lifestyle?
  • What is your definition of feminism?
  • What would it take for you to believe that society cares about men?

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“We offer men and boys a world of traps. Most men will get fucked.” ~MGTOW Universe

MGTOW U says that we’ve been conditioned to believe that marriage is fulfilling, but emotions change — it is just too risky. Every relationship ends and most end in court which is a system that is entirely biased against men.

Sadly, MGTOWs don’t believe any of the problems they point out can be fixed, so they withdraw and “go their own way.” In the end, MGTOW struck Andy as an extremely pessimistic worldview, but he agreed with MU that society needs to listen to angry men; before it is too late.

See MGTOW Universe on YouTube, or connect with him on Twitter.

Other comments from MGTOWs:

it’s extremely clear that if a male can be happy as a single is most prudent to adopt that as a life trait. If a male can be happy without any or any more is most prudent to refrain from procreating.
And there you have the sum and total of the “MGTOW” mindset. It’s just Men with Feelings..who have certain Facts right.
For two generations we’ve raised girls to believe they don’t need men to be happy. Men go MGTOW and everyone loses their shit.
Here in mgtow we get attacked so much that the default position is defense.
Our goal is to help men find peace in a world that hates them.


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