Real Men Feel: Ep. 87, Moving to UnHidden from Hidden with Robert Kandell

March 27, 2018

Moving to UnHidden from Hidden with Robert Kandell Episode 87, March 27, 2018

This week Andy Grant and Appio Hunter are joined by coach, podcast host, and author, Robert Kandell, to talk about the gap in communication between men and women, the facades we wear, and how we can be less hidden in all of our relationships.

Robert shares a lot of knowledge and stories as he talks about his twenty-year journey to being an amazing person. Today, men don’t know who to be. Many are giving up instead of upping their game. And women are noticing.

“All genders co-created the current situation. Women are as reasonable for patriarchy as men.” ~Robert Kandell

The world is opening for women, but shrinking for men. Robert sees the Millennials as changing the dynamics of gender, dating, communication and more. It will take a generation before it settles down.

Topics Covered Include:

  • You’ve worked as a business coach and a life coach – how different is that?
  • What was your path into doing this sort of work?
  • The struggle of the nice guy.
  • Being numb and dumb for 28 years.
  • What makes it a tough time to be a man?
  • Are there role models for being a good man today?
  • What does the future of gender look like to you?
  • What is living “unHidden?”
  • Robert’s most unpopular opinion.
  • The power of 100% honesty in relationships.
  • What sort of topics do you cover in your Tuff Love podcast?
  • The notion of “hungry ghosts.”

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“Men are dumb and women are angry.” ~Robert Kandell

Some of the great books Robert mentioned:
No More Mr. Nice Guy
The General Theory of Love
Man, Interrupted
War Against Boys

His own unHidden: A Book For Men and those confused by them is expected to be released in November, 2018.


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