RMF 72, Real Men React: The Onslaught of Sexual Harassment Charges

December 6, 2017

Real Men React to Sexual Harassment, Episode 72, December 5, 2017

With the depth and speed of sexual harassment charges, firings, apologies, denials etc. RMF has been wanting a discussion with other men to talk about our reactions to all of this. Andy’s has continually been; “What the fuck?!”

Real Men Feel’s Andy Grant and Appio Hunter, lead a frank discussion with three guys from the private RMF Facebook Group; Anthony Simeone from Gen X Men podcast, Boysen Hodgson of the MankindProject, & Kenny Earl of his own bad self.

This recent cycle began in early October with a New York Times investigation on accusations of sexual harassment and assault against movie producer, Harvey Weinstein dating back to 1990.

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No More Sexual Harassment


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