Real Men Feel: Episode 63, From Warrior to Healer with Mike Marschhausen

June 7, 2017

Warrior to Healer

From Warrior to Healer with Mike Marschhausen, Episode 63, June 6, 2017

This week on Real Men Feel, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter are joined by co-founder and healer at, Mike Marschhausen. Mike shares his story of growth and discovery from military combat in Afghanistan to a spiritual awakening in Mexico.

Mike tells how someone offering an energy healing for his dog started him on his journey to becoming a healer himself. Now he wants to bring spirituality and energy work to more men. Spirituality For Men is all about helping men to navigate their inner realm.

Drop the warrior. Why recreate war in your life?

We all have a warrior within us, but that doesn’t mean we need to fight and struggle to utilize it. Mike, Andy & Appio all share various experiences with energy work, emotions, fears and shadows.

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