Real Men Feel: Episode 53, Questions and Answers with Sex Worker, Kimberlee Cline

March 28, 2017

Real Men Feel Show

Questions and Answers with Sex Worker, Kimberlee Cline, Episode 53, March 28, 2017

This week on Real Men Feel, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter are joined once again by International Touring Escort, Kimberlee Cline, to answer a wide range of questions related to her life as a sex worker. Highlights include the most surprising things she’s learned about herself, differences between decriminalization and legalization of prostitution, and we even hear from a client.

Appio even shares something for the first time from his past!

Other questions addressed include: Is there an age escorts have to retire? If you had a daughter would you recommend she become an escort? Do clients ever fall in love with you? Do you ever fall in love with clients? Have you ever been scared? And many, many more. A very interesting and educational episode.

“Dating is hard, in or out of sex work.” ~Kimberlee Cline


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