Real Men Feel: Episode 51, The Reality of Being A Sex Worker with Kimberlee Cline

March 15, 2017

Real Men Feel Show

The Reality of Being A Sex Worker with Kimberlee Cline, Episode 51, March 14, 2017

This week on Real Men Feel, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter are joined by International Touring Escort, Kimberlee Cline, to help men understand the etiquette of working with and treating sex workers. Kimberlee also shares her own story about getting into sex work and sex worker advocacy as a founder of Sex Workers Outreach Project. SWOP was created in support of sex workers advocating for sex workers by reducing violence and changing laws.

“Men are seeking sex workers for a lot more than sex.” ~Kimberlee Cline

Kimberlee discusses the three categories that she finds sex work falls into: entertainment, education, healing, and how they are all driven by the seekers.

Kimberlee will return for a live QA call on March 28. You can submit questions in advance to or via twitter by tweeting your questions with #AskKimberlee to @realmenfeelshow or @kimberleecline.


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One comment on “Real Men Feel: Episode 51, The Reality of Being A Sex Worker with Kimberlee Cline

  1. ValerieH Mar 20, 2017

    Kimberlee is a rare example of a prostitute who can make choices. In Germany, prostitution is legal (which is what Kimberlee is working towards). They have multi-floor brothels. The women work in an environment where they have no say with whom they have sex and which sex acts are involved. I don’t call that true consent. It is coercion and worse. Kimberlee said she didn’t want to work in a brothel. I imagine because she can’t be in control of the situation. She will create more brothels with pro-prostitution legislation. What we see in Germany is like what capitalism did for agriculture. It was very interesting that she got counseling to be able to hold space for her clients and still be ok within herself. I also found it funny that she doesn’t want to spend time with her clients or with legislators unless they are paying her. so without the money she doesn’t want anything to do with them. So the sex is actually unwelcome unless she is paid. That’s not true consent, is it?