Real Men Feel: Episode 52, Awakened Journeys for Men with Jonathan Hermida

Real Men Feel

Awakened Journeys for Men with Jonathan Hermida, Episode 52, March 21, 2017

This week on Real Men Feel, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter are joined by Men’s transformational coach, Jonathan Hermida, to discuss transformative adventures for men and share his own journey of awakening. A journey that took him from feeling insecure and uncomfortable in his own skin to being a globe-trotting coach, willing to drop the destructive mask of masculinity. Listen and learn about a fantastic opportunity to visit Machu Picchu, Peru as well!

“The mask of masculinity is a most destructive force for guys. We are preening peacocks, but crumbling inside.” ~ Jonathan Hermida

Jonathan’s recommended book, The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer

Learn more about The Awakening Man: Journey Through the Sacred Valley trip to Peru this August.


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Real Men Feel: Episode 49, Empowering The Family Unit with Kirsty and James Greenshields

Real Men Feel with The Greenshields

Empowering The Family Unit with Kirsty and James Greenshields, Episode 49, February 28, 2017

On this episode of Real Men Feel, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter are joined by Kirsty and James Greenshields to explore how you can empower your own family to make a positive effect on your community and the world.

Since 2009, Kirsty and James, founders of Resilient Leaders Foundation, have been assisting others to uncover their leadership potential. Between them, they’ve touched the lives of 1000’s of humans directly, and countless others, indirectly. Their vision is: “To provide young people with the tools and resources they need to positively impact humanity and create a better planet.”

The Greenshields share their own journeys along with the importance of personal resiliency and emotional literacy in improving families, communities and the globe.


Connect with Kirsty and James at, Twitter @LeaderSoulShip, @YOUHealthWealth, and Facebook ResilientLeadersFoundation

Learn more about the Young Warrior Project

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Real Men Feel: Episode 41, Year End Rituals to Release the Old and Welcome the New

Real Men Feel

Year End Rituals to Release the Old and Welcome the New, Episode 41, December 27, 2016

On the final episode of Real Men Feel for 2016, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter discuss a variety of ways to close out 2016 and welcome 2017, including rituals around journaling, gratitude, meditation, burning, goals and much more. If you are tired of traditions around getting drunk and then resolving to never drink again, this is the show for you.

The RMF shares a number of practices that Andy and Appio have used as well as some they’ve recently discovered. They also touch on that dreaded word, “goals.” You are invited to wind down 2016 with awareness. When looking forward and planning your 2017, remember that 90 days is the motivational horizon built into you brains.

Robin Sharma: “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”


Want more gratitude practices? Check out Andy’s The Power of Gratitude course.

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New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) with The ManKind Project

This past weekend I took part in the signature program of the ManKind Project, the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) weekend. I learned of it thanks to Real Men Feel when we spoke with Boysen Hodgson in episode #26.

I’ve been to dozens of multi-day personal growth events, but never one exclusively with men. I hoped I would gain some clarity around my working with men, and I was also looking forward to learning more about the ManKind Project and how they run an event as I do see live events for Real Men Feel some day soon.

I gained all of that and more… a LOT more. All my expectations were insanely exceeded.

As I like to do when I’m venturing off into the unknown, I made a “before” and “after” video. So here they are.

 Before NWTA – October 21, 2016

After NWTA – October 24, 2016

Check out NWTA, they are held all over the world, and sign up! I cannot recommend this enough!

I’ll share more in the October 25 episode of Real Men Feel which is being recorded live Tuesday at 8pm Eastern. If you join us live you’ll be able to share comments, ask questions and even be fully seen and heard as part of the show if you choose. We use a platform called Zoom and you’ll need to download some software the first time you use it.

UPDATE: The show is live and you can check it out here.

The journey continues.


About The Author
Andy GrantAndy Grant is a best-selling author, award-winning speaker, Transformational Energy Coach, Akashic Records Reader and suicide prevention activist. He holds certificates in Positive Psychology, the Enwaken Coaching System, Akashic Records, Infinite Possibilities and Reiki, as well as other leadership programs and energy work modalities.

Andy teaches workshops ranging from energy tools to ebook publishing, and is the founder of Real Men Feel, a movement encouraging men to come out of the emotional closet. He also facilitates monthly men’s groups. As a survivor of multiple suicide attempts, Andy knows how low we as human beings can feel, and he is committed to helping people realize how magnificent life is meant to be. Learn more about Andy at

Real Men Feel: Ep. 28, Turning Conventional Success into Authentic Fulfillment with Tanya Arler

Real Men Feel with Tanya

Turning Conventional Success into Authentic Fulfillment with Tanya Arler , Episode 28, September 20, 2016

On this episode of Real Men Feel, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter, are joined by personal change facilitator, Tanya Arler, for an exploration of conventional success versus authentic fulfillment. The wide-ranging conversation touches on intuition, fear, excitement, and times of transition. Tanya also shares a wonderful story of synchronicity around a Trans Am and reads a poem written by her dad in 1956. #RealMenFeel

Tanya Arler is about real change, right now. Her unique techniques create deep shifts and a-ha moments that will help you shape your life into exactly what you want it to be. She listens deeply, responds authentically and guides you whole-heartedly.
Learn more about Tanya at
Connect with Tanya at

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Here’s the Trans Am mentioned on the show!
Trans Am

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Just Be You

This post was originally published on my personal blog, and then after rereading it I thought it would be perfect for here. As men, it is our responsibility to be our genuine, authentic selves by shedding all of the baggage and expectations placed on us by society, culture, family, etc. Enjoy the read!

I’ve been subconsciously aware of a certain pattern with my writing for a long time now, but I’ve only recently started paying deliberate attention to it. The pattern is that I only write when I/m in an “over-the-top” good mood. Truth be told, “Good Mood” is where I usually am, but when I’m in a really good mood I/m a lot more creative, which means that I/m also more likely to write.

When I started examining my writing pattern I noticed a pattern within the pattern. The times I didn’t write were the times when I subtly entertained a belief that I had nothing to say. I thought that the only time I could write a Reflection was when I had something profound to share. Then, when I looked back at some of my more popular posts, I saw that they were the ones where I was the most vulnerable. I didn’t see my thoughts or insights as being all that profound, but they somehow resonated with many, many people.

Appio Being Happy 01That’s when I started to see that when I’m Appio, not Appio The Emotion Emancipator, not Appio the coach, not Appio the public speaker, just plain ol’ Appio, I share more authentically and I write more prolifically. I’m happiest when I’m baring my soul, being human, and inviting people into my experiences. Those wish to join me will, and those who aren’t ready won’t. All I know is that everyone who crosses my path does so at the right time, and in a way that positively impacts both of us.

Ever since I stopped hiding and worrying about what others thought of me or the path I felt inspired to take, my life has blossomed in ways I never imagined. My relationships with immediate and extended family are stronger than before, and amazing people have supported me in ways that have left me humbled and awestruck. I’m more blessed than I’ve ever been. Best of all, I continue to step further into my personal joy.

My thought this week is consequently very simple: Just be you. When you allow the genuine, authentic you to step forward and simply BE, you find the very acceptance, understanding and joy you’ve been looking for. You’ll discover that they’ve been with you all along. The only thing keeping you from experiencing the full expression of your personal joy is your acceptance of yourself. Once you let go of the illusions that feed your fears and the judgment that others have thrown upon you, you can claim what has always been yours. Love. Acceptance. Understanding. And above all, Joy.

Will there be people who reject the authentic you? Perhaps. But if they do, know that their rejection is more about them than it is about you. Their rejection is their way of saying that in their minds, they can only be happy as long as you behave the way they want you to behave. They’re telling you that they see you as being responsible for their happiness. Their message is that they feel powerless and helpless and that it is somehow your responsibility to make things right.

Let me be clear. You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness except your own. As you take responsibility for yourself you may end up sharing your joy with a few or with millions, but if all you do is experience your personal expression of joy, then that is enough. Your personal expression of joy is enough because if each of us expresses our joy in our own unique way, without worrying about what others think, we will collectively create the very world we want to live in.

If, as you choose to be you, the people you love the most walk out of your life, it is important to know two things: First, as difficult as the experience may appear to be, they are clearing your path and giving you the freedom to express and experience your personal joy. Second, the shock of separation is only temporary. Your life will quickly be filled with those who genuinely support you and your vision for yourself.

It is okay to experience the fear of rejection, and as you feel that fear, do your best to release it. Turn your attention instead to what you want to experience. When that happens, the universe itself will become your willing, enthusiastic collaborator and help you create everything you want. I absolutely guarantee it.

That’s all I have to say for now. Be well, my friends, and be you. You are, always will be, supported.

About the Author

Appio Hunter, a.k.a. The Emotion Emancipator, is a personal development coach, energy worker, author, and inspirational speaker. He holds certifications as a Happiness Champion and Infinite Possibilities Trainer.

Appio is a self-described crusader for joy. His work blends multiple disciplines to show everyone how they can embrace their personal power and experience clarity, emotional freedom, balance, inner peace, and joy every day. He is also co-host of the weekly podcast Real Men Feel along with his good friend and fellow coach Andy Grant. You can learn more about Appio at

Let’s Rewrite the Rules of Manhood Together

man-in-crowdYou know something’s wrong. You can feel it.

Like Neo in The Matrix, you know things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be. But we’re not talking about the world around you. There’s something happening with your inner world. It has you frustrated, restless, unhappy. But knowing about the wrongness hasn’t made it better. In fact, it’s made things worse.

I’ve been there, trust me. For decades, I wandered through my own life without a purpose. I often felt useless, no matter what I achieved. It took a lot of time and suffering before I began to suspect I was running on obsolete “social software.”

Like me, maybe you fell for the notion that men are supposed to be pillars of strength that don’t feel too much, think too much, or dream too big. Maybe you were taught the world is a nasty, dog-eat-dog place where dreams are a luxury we can’t afford. This worldview may have sent you into a downward spiral of isolation and depression.

Maybe, like me, you’ve never really given up hope that things could be different.

A New Man for This Century…and Beyond

The opening line of Allen Ginsberg‘s Howl says “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.” I saw this line played out too many times in my own life and the lives of men around me. Finally, I realized the madness was being taught to us, blindly passed down because “that’s just the way it is.”

I’d had enough. I waded through years of struggle and a lot of trial-and-error experimentation with different religions, philosophies, and therapies. It wasn’t until I brought together ideas from a wide variety of teachings that I discovered something that worked for me.

What I discovered is, ultimately, you must start by being the hero of your own life.

You must make the conscious choice to believe in your own personal power to determine your own purpose and meaning for your life. It’s the vital first step on the road to fulfillment and happiness.

I’m so inspired by the creators of Real Men Feel, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter. They’re kindred spirits to me and any other modern man who is tired of laboring under the stereotype of the macho man. They are fellow travelers on the road.

Most importantly, Andy and Appio have planted the seed of what I believe will become a community of men who can no longer sit back and keep silent about men’s issues. Like me, they want to give you alternatives to the male stereotype we’ve been slaving under for too long. That old framework is rotted out, and together we can build something better to replace it.

What Have You Got to Lose?

It’s not just our minds that are at risk. Our lives are also at stake. Approximately 87 men commit suicide every day in the United States. Over six million men suffer from a major bout of depression every year, which not only affects the mind but the body as well (it’s a contributing factor for heart disease).

Let’s be clear: I’m not talking about saving the world. I’m talking about saving you.

But when you save yourself, a funny thing often happens. The Talmud says “whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.”There are opportunities every day, big and small, for us to rise to the challenges of life and act heroically.

If you or someone you know would benefit from the weekly Real Men Feel show, I encourage you to check out the show and spread the word about it. Strength comes from numbers and together, we can work to create a new, positive definition of what it means to be a man.

If you liked this post, please share it with those you feel will benefit from reading it. And please leave a comment about your own struggles and what you’ve done to overcome adversity.


anthony simeoneAbout the Author
Anthony Simeone is a writer, speaker, and social activist with over two decades of experience studying the practical application of literature, philosophy, psychology, and other disciplines. The culmination of his work is the Live the Hero concept, which he offers as a life path for use in overcoming life’s daily obstacles. Live the Hero combines the wisdom found in the arts and humanities with the latest discoveries related to modern neuroscience. You can contact Anthony and learn more about his work at