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Regular Guy Chat with Jake | Sharing Your Voice 311, July 19, 2024
Jake Marko shares his experiences with purpose, spiritual growth, and giving up marijuana. He also discusses his life before and since his initiation with the Modern Mystery School.

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health | Men Hurt and Can Heal 310, July 12, 2024
Laverne Friesen shares his experience as a sexual abuse survivor in a fundamentalist family who went on to become a police officer and hid his mental health crisis for years.

How Do You Speak to Yourself? | Words Matter 309, June 29, 2024
Exploring the power of words, especially the words we use when talking to ourselves. Learn tips on moving from belittling language to empowering phrases that you can use in your self-dialogue and conversations with others.

Downsizing Part 1 | The Great Shedding of Stuff 308, June 21, 2024
 I share some of my downsizing journey and give a tour of my home. We are preparing to move to a house 2,000 square feet smaller than the one we’ve lived in for the past 21 years.

Positive Male Role Models | Who Taught You To Be A Man? 307, June 16, 2024
I was part of a Let’s Talk Fabulous panel discussing positive male role models. I enjoyed that conversation so much that I want to share more in a motor-mouth 10-minute brain dump.

What Is Failure? | More Than You Think 306, June 7, 2024
An exploration of failure, perfectionism, self-judgment, and how it impacts our identity.

Picking Up The Pieces | Life After Depression 305, May 29, 2024
Andy opens up about my self-judgment, spiritual experiences, psych meds, and reactions to being called a positive male role model.

Mental Health Awareness Month | Suicidal Procrastination 304, May 25, 2024
Andy returns from a long, dark absence.


Did Your Partner Betray You? | Recovering From Betrayal Part 2 303, June 2, 2023
Vanessa Cardenas returns to explore betrayal, focusing on a married man blindsided by his wife cheating on him.

Do You Enjoy Time Alone? | Growth & Resistance 302, May 12, 2023
Andy Grant explores resistance and prayer and asks, are you comfortable being alone? Can you enjoy your own company?

Did You Betray Your Partner? | Recovering From Betrayal Part 1 301, May 5, 2023
Vanessa Cardenas visits to share the seven most common reasons men cheat and the steps men can take to heal their relationships.

Cultural Appropriation in the Mankind Project | Real or Imagined? 300, April 28, 2023
B Crittenden Freeman, a member of the ManKind Project for 30 years, shares his views on allegations from indigenous people and MKP’s response.

Tapping Into The Strength of Men | The Power of Choice 299, April 21, 2023
Dustin Bakker is interested in becoming more aware of men’s strengths and building a community where men can freely express their emotions.
Connecting Through Trauma | Life-Changing Stories 298, April 14, 2023
David Richman’s most recent book, Cycle of Lives, shares stories of people overcoming trauma and delves deeply into their emotional journeys with cancer.
Returning to the New Warrior Training Adventure | ManKind Project’s NWTA 297, April 7, 2023
Last weekend I was in Connecticut to staff the New Warrior Training Adventure weekend, a weekend-long rite of passage for men from the ManKind Project. This was the first NWTA in New England in three years.
Rebuilding Yourself | Being The Best Man You Can Be ep 296, March 31, 2023
Teddy Woolsey and I discuss the danger of relying on another person for your happiness and the importance of filling your self-help bucket and putting yourself first.
When Boys Become Boys | Messages and Development of Masculinity ep 295, March 24, 2023
Based on a two-year study that followed boys from pre-kindergarten through first grade, Judy Chu’s When Boys Become Boys offers a new way of thinking about boys’ development.
Living WildFit | Navigating Fake Food and Deceptive Marketing ep 294, March 17, 2023
Exploring the difference between diet and lifestyle and the marketing of pseudo-food with CEO and Founder of WildFit, Eric Edmeades.
A Woman’s Perspective | She’d Hate To Be A Man ep 293, March 10, 2023
Rev Leslie Peters, RN, emailed me to say, “I wouldn’t want to be a man in a relationship. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t!” So I invited her to the show.
Living a Full Contact Life | Intimacy, Feeling, and Choice ep 292, March 3, 2023
Nico Verresen is a former professional MMA athlete with a master’s in psychology who trains high-performers to turn their stress, setbacks, and intense conflicts into a competitive advantage.
Being Happily Divorced | Leading With Kindness ep 291, February 24, 2023
The word divorce carries so much baggage and negativity. Divorce becomes just a noun when you put the word “happily” in front of it.
Purpose & Respect | What Do Men Really Want? 290, February 17, 2023
Many people say that women want love while men want respect. Men may say they want respect, but they need purpose.
Life After A Suicide Attempt | Sharing Lived Experiences 289, February 11, 2023
Herbie Mack and I share our experiences as suicide attempt survivors to offer hope and encouragement to others. We also want to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and suicide prevention.
Regular Guy Chat with Anthony | Being A Better Man 288, February 4, 2023
We discuss Anthony Scire’s experiences growing up, encountering the “man box,” the ManKind Project, and wanting to be a better man.
Men Stepping Into Their Masculinity | Exploring Our Spirituality 287, January 27, 2023
Asking the big questions of life, what it means to be a man, and looking at the spiritual roots of our problems with teacher, author, and mystic J. Malik.
Unleashing Your Spiritual Power | The Power of Choice 286, January 20, 2023
Exploring choice, empowerment, and freedom with Christian de la Huerta. There is tremendous heroism in doing the inner work, facing our demons and shadows instead of numbing out and self-medicating.
Personal Growth & Spirituality | Clarity, Courage and Inspired Action 285, January 13, 2023
Dr. Morgan Oaks joins me in exploring allowing life to drive the show instead of our ego by trusting our intuition a bit more.
Healing From Trauma | Moving From Pain to Possibility 284, January 6, 2023
Exploring attachment wounding, unmet needs, and unresolved trauma. As well as the benefits of energy medicine and trying things you’ve never heard of.


Men Finding Their Purpose | Mindset, Fulfillment & Spirituality 283, December 16, 2022
Cooper Heller is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach who helps men clarify their purpose, upgrade their physical health, and develop a winning mindset.
What Would You Tell Your Younger Self? | What I Wish I Knew at 22 282, December 9, 2022
I came across an Instagram post from an account called awake_spiritual, and it was a picture of Dwayne Johnson – The Rock, and it was called Things I Know at Age 45 That I Wish I Knew at 22.
Never Give Up | It Does Get Better 281, December 2, 2022
Andy looks back on where he was one year ago. WARNING: This episode talks about depression and suicide.
Men & Sex | Fear in Our Sexual Relationships with Women 280, November 25, 2022
Dr. Avrum Weiss returns to explore men and sex, relationships, monogamy, desire, performance, and much more.
Covenant House Sleep Out | On Location 279, November 18, 2022
Andy took part in a fundraising event for Covenant House that involved giving up his bed for one night to raise funds to get more young people off the streets.
Being Of Service | One Man’s Journey 278, November 4, 2022
Guest Justin Gagne of The Saving Light and I talk about seeking more depth, being called to your purpose, loss, grief, anger, and recovery from alcoholism. Justin’s experience in the darkness made him want to help others through that faster.

Cultural Appropriation | Missapropriations and The ManKind Project 277, October 29, 2022
Due to charges of cultural appropriation, the ManKind Project canceled all NWTAs for the remainder of 2022 in the US. Let’s attempt to unpack this.

Gender Role Socialization | How Men Learn To Be Men 276, October 21, 2022
Dr. Bill DeFranc discusses the positive and negative outcomes of gender role socialization and why men often hold themselves to a more rigid definition of manliness.

Regular Guy Chat with Ken | Leaning Into Fear 275, October 14, 2022
Ken shares how childhood abuse and abandonment affected his entire life and what happened when he stopped covering up his feelings with alcohol.

Youth Homelessness | Everyone Deserves a Safe Place to Sleep 274, October 7, 2022
In the United States, 4.2 million young people will face homelessness this year alone. Let’s do something about that.

No Lucks Given |  Mental Health in The Kitchen 273, September 30, 2022
Celebrity Chef, Brother Luck, joins us to talk about food insecurity, life on the streets, and how he found refuge in kitchens. He also shares his breakdown and breakthrough while appearing on Top Chef.

What About Trans Men? | Who Is RMF For? 272, September 23, 2022
A recent email asked me, “does the advice you give count for trans men as well as cis men?” Let’s discuss.

Rules For Men | Where Do Yours Come From? 271, September 16, 2022
Do you have any rules for being a man? Can you tell where they came from or if they are conscious or unconscious? Prepare to go from the 10 Commandments to General Douglas MacArthur in under 10 minutes.

Preventing Suicide By Talking About Suicide | World Suicide Prevention Day 270, September 10, 2022
Let’s talk about suicide and not die today. I also invite you to show support for those struggling with suicidal attempts or ideation and to remember loved ones who died of suicide.

Men’s Fears of Women | Fear in Our Intimate Relationships 269, September 2, 2022
This episode could be titled Real Men Fear. My guest Dr. Avrum Weiss, is a psychotherapist, an award-winning author, and teacher. His decade-long work on understanding men’s internal lives focuses on fear in intimate relationships.

Not Allowed to Die | Paws for Patrick 268, August 26, 2022
Dan is the mental health director for Paws for Patrick, a non-profit organization that connects young people with mental health issues to emotional support animals. He is also a school social worker, a therapist in private practice, and the host of the podcast Not Allowed to Die.

Receiving Praise | Being Worthy Men ep 267, August 19, 2022
One of the goals of this podcast, my books, and my coaching… is to be inspiring. But whenever someone tells me I’m inspiring, I’ll try to deflect it. Some of that is humility, but at times I can also notice strong resistance, an outright rejection of the praise.

Moonshot Mission for Mankind & Humanity ep 266, August 12, 2022
Research shows that men live sicker and die sooner than women. Dr. Jed Diamond is on a mission to change that. His moonshot mission focusing on men’s mental health could save 375,000 lives each year in the United States alone.

Don’t Always Push ep 265, August 6, 2022
Three life lessons were uncovered from napping, sweeping, and The Four Agreements.

Love You, Bro ep 264, July 29, 2022
Recently, I’ve been talking with and getting messages from friends I haven’t spoken to in months or years. I’ve noticed many signing off with — Love you, bro. I’ve never been a fan of that phrase.

Reaching Out – Being Ignored ep 263, July 22, 2022
One thing that struck me after my 8-month-long withdrawal from life was how many people told me that they noticed I was quiet and wondered what was up. Some said I’d been on their mind, yet they didn’t reach out. That made me wonder why that is.

Thinking I Want to Die ep 262, July 15, 2022
WARNING: This episode discusses suicidal thoughts and attempts. If you are in a crisis, do not listen to this. Please call or text 988 to be connected to trained counselors that are part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline network.

WTF Happened? Where is Andy? ep 261, July 7, 2022
This is the first episode of Real Men Feel since October of 2021. Such a long break was not my plan. Today, I attempt to explain what happened and open up about my dark night of the soul and all the underlying shame that had me withdraw from everything. I’ve spent months living in complete apathy. I’ve only recently gotten to a place of genuinely wanting that to change.


Emotions Are A Superpower For Men ep 260, October 26, 2021
See this week’s episode of Real Men Feel for a conversation with Charles Matheus about creating powerful spaces and healthy emotional outlets for men. Learn how to look at emotions like a superpower, why vulnerability is a crucial mental GPS, and what the definition of Man Box culture is.

Building A Resilient Culture ep 259, October 19, 2021
Tune into this week’s episode of Real Men Feel for a conversation with Jodi Woelkerling about welcoming resilience into our lives. Learn about the differences between how men and women deal with stress, how resilience has shown its face in the pandemic in both negative and positive ways, and what the actual definition of resilience really is!

Men Connecting With Men ep 258, October 12, 2021
“Men are fixers. We think we need to know how to fix everything. I tell the men pretty much every week that we are not here to fix each other,” explains Alan Cantor, Spiritual Guide, Transformational Coach, and Founder of The Surround Men’s Group. Alan Cantor has dedicated his life to creating a vision for children to live in a better world, and that starts with men. He believes there are three core concepts to improving a man’s life – connection, trust and listening.

Positive Change In A Socially Distant World ep 257, October 5, 2021
“Change is a good thing,” says Rick Ornelas, Positive Change Expert, Author, and Founder of I Spark Change. Tune into this week’s episode of Real Men Feel for a conversation with Rick Ornelas about embracing positive change. Learn about the importance of allowing change into your life, accepting your emotional side and the balance between being right and being happy.

Navigating The Messy World of Dating ep 256, September 28, 2021
“The truth is a lot of people just need to be heard,” says Kimberly Hill, Dating and Relationship Coach. Kimberly describes the complex emotions that men often grapple with when dating and explains the two relationship coaching styles that she uses with men who are looking for support. Kimberly also opens up about her past with male partners and how patience, affirmations, and allowing for vulnerability are extremely important when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship, especially with a male partner.

Regular Guy Chat with Billy ep 255, September 21, 2021
“Value family over everything, over everything,” says Billy Potter, the Zen Plumber. On today’s episode, host Andy Grant and special guest Billy dive into the intricacies of families and how unconditional love trumps all. They dive deep on the many ways a father’s role during childhood can dramatically impact our perception of the world.

Ensuring Men Have a Voice ep 254, August 31, 2021
Elysia Jane Buss is a coach, speaker, equine connector, massage therapist, and men’s group facilitator. We discuss her passion of advocating for men’s rights and her Global Resources for Men project.

The Importance of Listening to Your Dog ep 253, August 24, 2021
Michael Overlie is an energy healer, life-purpose coach, and dog fanatic. Michael’s purpose is to help men awaken to their path by letting their dogs lead. We discuss how men can live a fulfilled life.

The Men’s Code + Women’s Code = New Business Code 252, August 17, 2021
Beate Chelette is an author, speaker, and Growth Architect who joins us to discuss the men’s code in business, the women’s code, and the need to bring them together.

The Power of Traumatic Stories 251, August 10, 2021
Nathaniel Brown is a speaker, coach, author, and survivor of childhood sexual abuse who believes we can all learn to “re-see” our traumatic experiences with a new perspective, allowing us to engage with life differently. When you change your perspective, you change your story, and you change your life.

Regular Guy Chat with Tony 250, August 3, 2021
Tony Novello is an artist who makes things, from slate mountainscapes to fused glass wind chimes. He joins us to speak about his mission to serve others and help mend the fabric of the world. When he’s not doing art, he serves as an Air Force senior consultant and servant-leader for the Department of Defense.

Listening To Your Calling 249, July 27, 2021
Demetri Albizu is a husband, dad, entrepreneur, and a higher-level initiate of the Modern Mystery School who is focused on knowing himself and creating a better world. We discuss the importance of hearing and taking action on your calling.

Men Supporting Men 248, July 20, 2021
Brett Churnin is an Australian dad, husband, and passionate champion of men’s well-being and the potential for men to support each other in a safe and constructive space. He started his first Men’s Group in 2005, a group that still runs today and inspired him to create the free Men’s Group Field Guide in 2011. We talk about the power of being witnessed, the benefits of authentically sharing, and ways for you to get involved today!

Challenging Masculine Stereotypes 247, July 13, 2021
Adam Hommey is a speaker, author, consultant, and podcaster who helps people grow their businesses at the junction of brilliance and passions. He joins us to discuss how to find your own empowering version of manhood, why challenging questions are the antidote to conflict, and how a willingness to be wrong leads to growth.

The Impact of a Sociopath 246, July 6, 2021
Mike Shereck returns to the show to share a story of forbidden love and sociopathic dysfunction. As an executive coach, speaker, and author, Mike holds potent wisdom for men seeking to understand women and find harmony with the feminine. We examine his long-lasting relationship with a sociopath, share wisdom around love, and bust the victimhood narrative.

Women Can Stop Being Abusive 245, June 29, 2021
Entrepreneur, coach, author, and advocate for a violence-free world, Andrea J. Lee, shares how she stopped perpetuating abusive cycles. We talk about the power of forgiveness, the importance of authentic communication, and examine the causes of abuse.

Breaking Addictive Cycles 244, June 22, 2021
Author, business owner, and podcast host, Justin Long, shares his roadmap for breaking free of unconscious behavioral patterns and addictions. We discuss the issues with modern masculinity, methods to help handle heavy emotions, and the key mindsets that will lead to sustainable fulfillment.

Creating Sexual Intimacy 243, June 15, 2021
Speaker, author, podcaster, and coach, Leah Carey, joins us for an open exploration of sexuality, intimacy, and the questions men most often ask her about sex.

Moving Through Fear 242, June 8, 2021
Michael Challenger is a coach, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning filmmaker on a mission to help men take charge of their lives. In today’s episode, Michael shares inspiring wisdom around cultivating courage, celebrating challenges, and transcending fear.

Discover Ancient Spiritual Technologies 241, June 1, 2021
Nate Zeleznick is the founder and CEO of Vibravision®️, the only licensed academy in North or South America authorized to teach the Merpati Putih martial arts, breathwork, health, meditation, and sensory expansion system from the royal family of Java, Indonesia.

Orthorexia: When Trying To Be Healthy Becomes Unhealthy 240, May 25, 2021
Jason Wood is turning his own battle with orthorexia, anxiety, and OCD into a mission to raise awareness and confront the stigmas and stereotypes that exist around men and mental health.

Unleash Your Conscious Cock 239, May 18, 2021
Sex educator, couples counselor & author, Kristopher Lovestone, joins us for a straightforward exploration of sexuality, relationships, understanding women, and much more.

How Men Must Lead 238, May 11, 2021
Mike Shereck is an executive coach, speaker, and author of the upcoming book, “Manhood Manifesto: How Men Must Lead at Home, at Work, and In the Public Sphere”. We discuss the keys to authentic leadership, including why there is freedom in responsibility, how to utilize men’s natural competitiveness, and why enrollment is critical to success.

Creating Wealth on Any Income 237, May 4, 2021
Rennie Gabriel is an author, speaker, master financial coach, and founder of Wealth On Any Income. Rennie is out to get more people on the path to wealth while saving the lives of dogs and veterans along the way.

Your Sensitivity is a Gift 236, April 27, 2021
Author, entrepreneur, and change manager, Thomas Anderson, joins us to share the benefits of vulnerability and sensitivity. These characteristics are often perceived as a weakness, but we bust that myth today. We also discuss why material possessions won’t lead to happiness, how fear reduces choice, and what emotional mastery looks like.

The 3 Pillars of Masculinity 235, April 20, 2021
Masculinity coach, marketing expert, and former Division I football player, Kyree Oliver, joins us to share his 3 pillars of masculinity. Kyree interviewed thousands of people from all walks of life, and delivers his findings with us today. He also reveals how he discovered his passion for service, why there is safety in authenticity, and how an unbalanced man can reach equilibrium.

Release Stress & Welcome Flow 234, April 13, 2021
Intuitive coach and author, Marla Williams, shares her method for preventing burnout. Stress and tension are slow, silent killers that destroy happiness if left unchecked. Marla knows this pattern firsthand and offers helpful practices, mindsets, and even an energy healing to help us end our addiction to hyperactivity.

Transcend Your Trauma 233, April 6, 2021
New York Times best-selling author, speaker, filmmaker, and co-founder of, Pedram Shojai, joins us to discuss trauma. He masterfully explains how unexamined trauma will control our lives and offers a detailed, practical plan for healing.

Emotional Freedom Through Creative Expression 232, March 30, 2021
Artist, author, and coach Sheila Darcey joins us to discuss using art to heal and transform our lives. She shares her wisdom around emotional expression, including how to use the shadow for growth, why suppression will always backfire, and how to overcome subconscious self-sabotaging tendencies.

Dropping The Armor In Your 30’s 231, March 23, 2021
Men’s coach, Joe Bernstein, discusses the concrete benefits of authentic and vulnerable living. We also cover why you should embrace the “Jesus Age”, how to live with an open heart, and why playing it safe will ensure an unfulfilled life.

Regular Guy Chat with Sean Episode 230, March 16, 2021
Father of two, Sean, discusses finding himself after divorce and the benefits of the ManKind Project. He has made radical, life-altering shifts by utilizing intentional men’s work, and shares his breakthroughs on transforming behavioral patterns and facing fear with an open heart.

Why Unresolved Trauma Perpetuates Toxicity Episode 229, March 9, 2021
As a coach, mother, and podcaster, Jennifer Lovely is the ideal guest for this conversation on raising conscious young men. Topics covered include how healthy emotional expression releases toxicity, why pain is part of finding joy, and how to find meaning in grief.

Dating coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, Mark Sing, joins us to share how guys can rewire their brains and thoughts to eliminate negativity, boost confidence and self-esteem and increase masculinity.

What Men Can Learn From Elephants Episode 227, February 23, 2021
Scientist, author, and storyteller, Dr. Caitlin O’Connell, joins us to discuss male elephant society and what humans can learn about rituals from animals with lessons learned from her new book Wild Rituals.

The Abuse of Men By Women Episode 226, February 16, 2021
Counselor, coach, and author, Ann Silvers, joins us to shine some light on the rarely discussed relationships which involve women abusing men. Domestic violence and emotional abuse don’t care about gender.

Regular Guy Chat with Rob Episode 225, February 9, 2021
Co-host of The Psyche-Delic Podcast, Rob Trimpert, stops by to discuss how men’s expectations in relationships and marriage neglect their genuine emotions and activate the pain-body.

What’s Wrong With Being a Nice Guy? Episode 224, February 2, 2021
Dr. Robert Glover, the author of No More Mr. Nice Guy, joins us to discuss nice guy syndrome, covert contracts, relationships, and boundaries. Plus, he’ll answer questions I’ve received from men who’ve read the book.

Everything You Never Learned About Sex Episode 223, January 26, 2021
Author, mentor, and speaker, Michael McPherson is on a mission to powerfully upgrade men and women’s relationship to sex, especially millennials. We explore topics of sex energy, sexual desire, masculine power, and sacred sexual union.

Why Care About Purpose? Episode 222, January 19, 2021
Man has long sought meaning and purpose, but why? Aren’t you already too busy to worry about that sort of stuff? Author, speaker, and coach, Dr. Ken Keis, joins us to discuss the importance of purpose for men.

Dudes, We Need to Play Episode 221, January 12, 2021
Positive Play Coach, Jeff Harry, joins us to share how play can help men tap back into their emotions and embrace both their masculine and feminine power. Too many men see play as silly and unproductive, but it’s just what they need.

What Is Success for a Man? Episode 220, January 5, 2021
Joseph DiRoma is a Newfield Certified Coach trained in ontology, somatic dispositions, and emotional intelligence, specializing in personal development and leadership. He’s bringing The Successful Male movement to the United States to awaken as many men as possible.

RMF Season 7, July – December 2020:
24 Episodes.

Men’s Mental Health & Emotional Freedom Episode 219, December 22, 2020
Mental health advocate, Martin Fretwell, join us to share his journey through depression, erectile dysfunction, and how he uses that to fuel his service to other men with his Men’s Mental Health Virtual Summit.

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater? Episode 218, December 15, 2020
40% of divorces report cheating as a primary reason for the relationship ending. How can you move on when the one person you love cheated on you with someone else? Is that even possible after the trust between you is broken? Marriage coach and author Mike Darcey says it is. Join us for an open discussion on infidelity and how to make your next relationship your best relationship.

How Gender Issues Can Screw Us Up Episode 217, December 8, 2020
Coach and writer, MaLe Corona, shares how growing up in a traditional Mexican family with a submissive mother and a dominating father affected her and her vow not to be either of them.

Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse Episode 216, December 2, 2020
This was a special live show as part of the Indie Pods Unlimited Summit. Author, psychologist, and former police officer, Kelli Palfy, discusses male sexual abuse and the reasons men rarely disclose such things, and how to rid themselves of blame and guilt.

Is There A Place For Emotions In Business? Episode 215, December 1, 2020
Online video storyteller, Ian Garlic, encourages businesses to be emotionally attached to their customers. He is a personal development veteran and loves bringing his emotional side to his work and using the power of stories.

Lessons Learned From Near-Death Experiences Episode 214, November 24, 2020
Author, coach, and resiliency expert, Erez Avramov, talks about the life lessons he’s learned from three near-death experiences. As well as, the importance of goals, seeing the gifts in our challenges, and the gap between the medical system and what men really need.

International Men’s Day Episode 213, November 19, 2020
Dannie Snyder is an interdisciplinary artivist (artist + activist), educator, and a world traveler. She joins us to discuss International Men’s Day as an opportunity for feminists to engage in positive dialogue with men on the “crisis of masculinity.”

Confessions of a Sensitive Man Episode 212, November 17, 2020
Author and Highly Sensitive Person, William Allen, discusses the challenges and gifts of sensitive men.

The Global Community of Evryman Episode 211, November 10, 2020
Owen Marcus, the co-founder of Evryman, joins us to discuss how men can create a happier, more connected world.

Is Happiness A Choice? Episode 210, November 3, 2020
Happiness consultant, Kris Ali, knows that the ultimate state of being is joy. He joins us to discuss what holds us back from choosing to be happy and how we can boost our happiness set point.

The Alcoholic Brain Episode 209, October 27, 2020
Robb Kelly, Ph.D., is a world-renowned addiction expert who believes in treating the problem, not the symptoms. He has overcome homelessness, alcohol dependency, trauma, and a whirlwind of events to be the “Gordon Ramsay” of the addiction treatment world.

The Pain and Shame of Suicide Loss Episode 208, October 20, 2020
Retired Pennsylvania State Trooper, author, and suicide prevention advocate, Govan Martin, joins us to share his experience related to loss and stigma regarding suicide and what can help more men choose life.

The Evolution of A Man Episode 207, October 13, 2020
Coach, trainer, and speaker, Bob Minhas, joins us to discuss losing your identity and redefining masculinity in the aftermath of divorce and business loss. This is the art of falling down and getting back up to reinvent ourselves.

Guts, Grit & The Grind of Being a Man Episode 206, October 6, 2020
Psychologist, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and suicide loss survivor, Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, joins us to discuss broadening the framework of suicide prevention and what we can all do to keep men alive.

The Curiosity to Explore Masculinity Episode 205, September 29, 2020
Speaker, writer, and storyteller, Vika Viktoria, is insatiably curious about men. She joins us to discuss intersectional masculinity, what it means to be a man these days, and what success and freedom for a man look like.

The Power of Men Helping Men Episode 204, September 22, 2020
Founder and facilitator of, Sean Galla, joins us to talk about the importance of male companionship and meaningful conversation. Men’s groups save lives.

Is Weight Lifting a Waste of Time? Episode 203, September 15, 2020
Scientist, inventor, and author of “Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time: So Is Cardio, and There’s a Better Way to Have the Body You Want,” Dr. John Jaquish visits to discuss his book, the science of variable resistance training, and the X3 Bar.

Moving Beyond Being Your Own Worst Enemy Episode 202, September 8, 2020
Author of My Own Worst Enemy: A Black Man’s American Story, Ismael Brown, joins us to discuss emotions, pandemics, race, seeking help, and much more.

Integrity for Chameleons Episode 201, September 1, 2020
Speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and community builder, Raman Frey, visits to explore ideas of adaptive masculinity, identity, and more.

Making Peace With Porn Episode 200, August 25, 2020
Mindfulness counselor, Matt Sinkovitz, joins us to discuss how to cultivate healthy masculinity and free ourselves from a compulsive relationship with porn.

What Can White People Do About Racism? Episode 199, August 18, 2020
The founder and CEO of Diversity Matters, Chris Miller, joins us to discuss the implications and costs of racism for white people and what they can do about it.

Behind The Scenes of Guru: The Dark Side of Enlightenment Episode 198, August 11, 2020
Investigate journalist, author, editor, and podcaster, Matt Stroud, discusses his series on James Arthur Ray, Guru: The Dark Side of Enlightenment, and Andy’s part in it.

I’ve Sat With My Emotions; Now What? Episode 197, August 4, 2020
Coach and author, Stephanie Thoma, joins us to share ways to decrease anxiety and demystify our feelings. Plus a deep dive into introverts and extroverts.

Overcoming Depression and Suicidal Thoughts, Episode 196, July 28, 2020
Husband, father, entrepreneur, and mindset coach, Lawrence Washington Jr, discusses his experience with mental health, optimism, loss, and faith.

RMF Season 6, January – July 2020:
33 Episodes.

The Courage to Be Yourself, Episode 195, July 7, 2020
Martin Stark is a Courage Champion and an Inclusion Practitioner who through personal experience has learned the importance of believing in yourself and unapologetically being who you are. He is also out to make boxing the most inclusive sport in the world.

The Power of The Heart, Episode 194, June 30, 2020
Martial artist, healer, and massage therapist, Akeem Sami, joins us to share how the power of our heart can supersede issues such as racism and manipulation. He’ll also discuss the importance for men to connect to their feminine energy.

Laid Bare with Enton Barefoot, Episode 193, June 23, 2020
Enton Barefoot shares his inspiring story out of homelessness and addiction to show that something decent can come out of the depths of depravity.  You can always start from now and make a brand new ending.

Life After COVID-19, Episode 192, June 16, 2020
My returning guest is a psychotherapist and author of 16 books who’s been helping men and the women who love them for over 40 years, Jed Diamond. We discuss the big lessons of COVID-19 for all of us.

Finding Your Path, Episode 191, June 9, 2020
Soul Guide, author, healer, and podcaster, Kerri Hummingbird, joins us to discuss the urgency of taking the inner journey to uncover your purpose and learning to trust in your divinity.

Coping With Life Episode 190, June 2, 2020
Entrepreneur, musician, suicide attempt survivor, and founder of, Johnny Crowder, joins us to share his journey and how’s he serving people on theirs.

WTF!? Racism in America Episode 189, May 29, 2020
Author and podcaster, Blake Johnson of Diary of a Mad Black Man joins me to talk about racism; raw and unedited. Peace and healing will only come by us talking to each other.

Walking Through The Fire Episode 188, May 26, 2020
Hypnotherapist, coach & master firewalk instructor, Barry Collins, joins us to discuss how firewalking is not about firewalking. It is a metaphor for all the changes and challenges we face in life.

Emotions and Sex Episode 187, May 19, 2020
Author and coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, visits to discuss that many men attempt to divorce their emotions from sex, thinking that will improve their sex life.

Men Fully Owning Their Power, Episode 186, May 12, 2020
Artist and coach, Maeve Swan, joins us to discuss how men can own and best use their masculine energy to unleash the kings they were born to be.

Being Black in America, Episode 185, May 9, 2020
An open discussion about race among three prior Real Men Feel guests, Al Flemming, Will Moore, and Dr. Lulu, amid the aftermath of another killing of an unarmed black male in America, Ahmaud Arbery.

Before I Leave You, Episode 184, May 5, 2020
Author, Robert Imbeault, shares his journey from childhood trauma to addiction and suicide attempts to living a life filled with gratitude as a loving husband and father.

Famous Faces Decoded Episode 183, April 28, 2020
Speaker, author, and emotions expert, Dan Hill PhD, visits to discuss emotional intelligence, facial coding, and the emotions that men display more often than women.

The Proper Mindset to Succeed Episode 182, April 24, 2020
Coach, Colin Dingelstad, knows how to set goals and achieve them, but it comes from years of study plus trial and error. Now he shares his best strategies for creating the ideal mindset for success.

Call to Calm with Panache Desai Episode 181, April 21, 2020
Mentor, coach, bestselling author, and energetic catalyst, Panache Desai, discusses remaining calm in uncertain times, knowing that we are good enough, and experiencing our true nature.

Mindfulness & Yoga to Overcome Life’s Challenges Episode 180, April 14, 2020
Author, Coach, and Marine Veteran, Rishi Eric Infanti, shares how practices of mindfulness and yoga have optimized his life and helped him overcome chronic illness.

Feeling Through The Pandemic Episode 179, April 12, 2020
Kevin Fitzmaurice returns for an Easter special to discuss the emotions that can rise up in this time of fear and isolation, our resistance to feeling them, and how to dive in. We all have the opportunity to choose who we are going forward. What will you do with this gift of time?

The Depression Files Episode 178, April 7, 2020
Mental Health Advocate, Podcaster, NAMI Speaker, Blogger & Coach, Al Levin, stops by to talk about his experiences and podcast regarding depression.

Beyond Sobriety Episode 177, March 31, 2020
Coach, speaker, and recovering addict, Jacob Evans, talks about surviving and thriving at the epicenter of the opioid addictions crisis and how getting clean is only half the battle.

Thoughtful Entrepreneurship Episode 176, March 24, 2020
Coach and international businessman, Stu Minshew, joins us to talk about the mental health challenges that can hit entrepreneurs, including fear, anxiety, and burnout.

Mental Health & Humor During COVID-19 Episode 175, March 19, 2020
Speaker, Writer, Comedian, Mental Illness Stigma Fighter, and someone at the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, Frank King, joins us for a very timely show. Frank discusses his adventures in the spotlight, being funny, being suicidal, and much more.

The Masculine in Relationship Episode 174, March 17, 2020
Coach and author, GS Youngblood, joins us to discuss men, women, relationships, and the keys to developing your masculine core.

The Art of Persuasion on Yourself Episode 173, March 10, 2020
Professional copywriter and expert on persuasion, Andrés Roaro, joins us to talk about the psychology of persuasion, especially how to persuade that most difficult person in your life – you.

Music, Masculinity, & Meaning Episode 172, March 3, 2020
Award-Winning Music Producer and Spiritual Guide, Philipp Schardt, joins us to discuss the power of sound to heal and re-write our inner scripts to live an authentic & sacred masculinity.

Regular Guy Chat with Kevin Episode 171, February 25, 2020
Kevin Fitzmaurice is an extraordinary regular guy who is out to inspire the world by sharing his life-long struggle with depression and anxiety. We discuss what strength, weakness, and breakdowns mean and how they can change depending on context.

Leadership Breakdown Episode 170, February 18, 2020
Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker, and Author, Eric Kaufmann, joins us to discuss his new book, Leadership Breakdown: The Symptoms, Solutions And Resources To Lead Beyond The Breakdown. Eric has mentored hundreds of CEOs and high-powered executives to move through even the most catastrophic breakdowns with ease and grace, to reveal a vast well of greatness just hiding underneath, waiting to be unleashed.

Be the Man the World Needs Episode 169, February 11, 2020
Author of The Evolved Masculine, Destin Gerek, returns to the show to discuss his new book, masculinity, growth, fatherhood and more. Healthy masculinity requires balance with the feminine.

Being A Strong Man Episode 168, February 4, 2020
Men’s Health & Performance Coach and podcaster, Anthony Treas, is on a mission to radically improve men’s health and mental well-being. Men need to place more importance on their own health; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Taking Personal Responsibility Episode 167, January 28, 2020
Author and speaker, Brad Richard, joins us to discuss co-dependency and lessons learned while living his autobiography, “Man at 50, a Journey of Crisis, Revelation and Survival!

Real Men DO Feel! Episode 166, January 21, 2020
Life, Business, and Recovery Coach, Vince Bellitto, joins us to discuss cutting the cord from a life of crime and violence, and recognizing the value of feeling.

Healing The Inner Child Episode 165, January 14, 2020
Healer, coach, and suicide attempt survivor, Jeffrey Saunders, stops by to discuss growth, healing, and service following trauma and depression. It is never too late to heal that scared little boy inside.

Eliminating Anxiety Episode 164, January 7, 2020
Counselor, speaker, author, and neurotherapist, David Phelan, joins us to discuss mental and emotional wellness, the perils of anxiety, and how it can be resolved.

What’s In A Name? Episode 163, January 5, 2020
Andy Grant discusses the significance and meaning of “Real Men,” as if any man can be anything but real.

RMF Season 5, July – December 2019:
25 Episodes.

Regular Guy Chat with Tim Episode 162, December 17, 2019
Husband, father of two, and Chiropractor, Timothy Murzycki, joins us to discuss the importance and challenges of family and fatherhood.

What The Heck is Self-Love? Episode 161, December 10, 2019
Mid-life dating and relationship coach, speaker and author, Jonathon Aslay, joins us to discuss self-love; what it can do for us, how we might achieve it, and why so many men are resistant to it.

Talking Modern Manhood with Cleo Stiller Episode 160, December 3, 2019
Cleo Stiller, award-winning journalist and author of, Modern Manhood: Conversations About The Complicated World of Being a Good Man Today, joins us to talk about…. you guessed it: Modern Manhood.

Ever Been Ashamed of Being A Man? Episode 159, November 26, 2019
Real estate developer and author, Alan Collenette, is passionate about helping men help women to thrive in business and life.

The Coolest Part About Trauma Episode 158, November 19, 2019
Attorney and coach, Stephen Sainato, joins us to share his journey through trauma and addiction into freedom, as well as the importance of vulnerability and being willing to feel all of your emotions.

What’s The Deal with Male Enhancement? Episode 157, November 12, 2019
Author and coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, helps men in an area that they are often most uncomfortable seeking help; their penis. AJ joins us to share some of his 20 years of experience in male enhancement.

Regular Guy Chat with Anthony Episode 156, November 5, 2019
Meditation teacher, carpenter and regular guy, Anthony Long, shares his thoughts on growth, learning, resistance, living in the post #metoo world, masculinity, and his experiences studying Kabbalah.

Real Men Feel Discuses the Movie: Joker Episode 155, October 31, 2019
Andy Grant and Anthony Simeone talk about what the Joker says about men, mental illness, and more. Spoilers Galore – don’t watch if you haven’t seen it.

Men In Support of Breast Cancer Episode 154, October 29, 2019
Leadership & Communications Consultant, Darren Horne, returns to Real Men Feel to share his experience through his ex-wife’s battle with breast cancer. In the midst of a separation from his wife, Emily, she was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer.

Panel Discussion on Pharrell and New Masculinity Episode 153, October 22, 2019
Five men gather to discuss Pharrell’s interview in GQ magazine focusing on evolving masculinity. Is there a new masculinity? What does that mean about traditional masculinity?

Suicide Risk Factors with Dr. Lulu Episode 152, October 15, 2019
Momatrician, author, speaker, podcaster, and activist, Dr. Lulu, joins us to talk about depression, suicide, stigma, and the challenges African American men and boys face.

Living With Someone Who Is Suicidal Episode 151, October 8, 2019
My Reaction to My Wife on One Broken Mom: My wife of 22 years, Lori, spoke about what it is like to live with someone who is depressed and suicidal as a guest on One Broken Mom. In this show, I watch that interview for the first time.

Exploring The Evolving Man Episode 150, October 1, 2019
Relationship Architect/Coach, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader, Geoff Laughton, joins us to discuss man’s search for meaning, purpose, and community. There are tremendous gifts and benefits when different generations of men work together.

Men in Emotionally Abusive Relationships Episode 149, September 24, 2019
Writer, researcher, speaker, entrepreneur, mother, and host of the One Broken Mom podcast, Ameé Quiriconi, returns to the show to discuss men in abusive relationships with female narcissists. Many men have been in emotionally abusive relationships but few speak of it.

Regular Guy Chat with Matt Episode 148, September 17, 2019
Fan of the show, separated husband, father of four, and All-Canadian man, Matt Bascoe, joins us to talk about life. His wife’s request for separation was the kick in the nuts that got him to ask ‘what’s wrong with me?’

Healing Men Through Metalwork Episode 147, September 11, 2019
Artist, coach, and podcaster, Henry Johnstone, joins us to discuss the molten power of metalwork when it comes to men’s work.

Men’s Role in Birth Episode 146, September 3, 2019
Male doula, William Moore, joins us to discuss the importance of men being involved in the birthing process.

The Good Men Manifesto Episode 145, August 27, 2019
Author and therapist, Jed Diamond, returns to the show to share what he’s learned from doing 70 years of men’s work. It is summed up in his Good Men Manifesto.

The Price of Unexpressed Emotions for Men Episode 144, August 20, 2019
Men’s coach and trainer, George Stoimenov, shares the toll that unexpressed emotions took on his family, relationships, community and soul. Part of you dies when you aren’t free to express yourself.

Six Steps to Your Greatness Episode 143, August 13, 2019
Retired UFC fighter, transformation coach and personal trainer, Clifford Starks, joins us to help you uncover the greatness within. Are you aware of what’s standing between you and your best version of yourself?

Regular Guy Chat with Al Episode 142, August 6, 2019
Self-described regular guy, Al Flemming, joins us to talk about life, fatherhood, happiness and being a man.

Do Politics & Men’s Work Mix? Episode 141, July 30, 2019
Curator of TheMensSchool, Jan Hutchins, returns to the show to talk about political discourse, men’s work, hallucinations, division, responsibility, and the shit hitting the fan.

That’s What a Man Does Episode 140, July 24, 2019
Inspirational speaker, author,  combat veteran, and dog trainer, Ryan Matthews discusses reshaping what a man does by experiencing the healing power of sharing your trauma to grow and help others.

Removing Our Emotional Barriers Episode 139, July 9, 2019
Coach, Matt Dillingham, shares his insights around being willing to look deeper into ourselves and what to do with what you find.

Real Men Talk Episode 138, July 6, 2019
Returning from an unplanned three-month break, Andy Grant, shares where he’s been and the importance for men to feel and talk.

RMF Season 4, January – April 2019:
12 Episodes.

The Price of Heartbreak Episode 137, April 10, 2019
Author, Rick Sharpe, joins us to discuss his experience with depression following the end of a relationship and discovering the power in his own vulnerability.

Living a Confident Life Episode 136, March 26, 2019
Coach, educator, and podcaster, Dennis Sumlin, joins us to discuss harnessing your spirituality to master your inner game and take the field.

How to Dominate with Heart and Soul Episode 135, March 19, 2019
Dov Baron is recognized as one of the top 100 leadership speakers and corporate cultural strategist. He joins us to discuss purpose-driven leadership and the importance of aligning heart, soul, and mind.

Introduction to the Live The Hero Philosophy Episode 134, March 12, 2019
Anthony Simeone is a writer, speaker, and self-described “heroism advocate” with over two decades of experience in the practical application of literature, philosophy, psychology, and other disciplines. His the Live the Hero philosophy offers us a “life path” for use in overcoming obstacles.

Feeling The Fears Episode 133, March 9, 2019
A heavy dose of sharing with Andy as I share from my heart about terror, emotional tunnel vision, and the challenges I’ve chosen to face this year.

When The Going Gets Tough Episode 132, March 4, 2019
The path of personal growth and spiritual awareness is not always easy and fun. Andy is joined by two high-level initiates of the Modern Mystery School, Brandon Boucher and Sean Carey, to talk about personal progression, growth, and pushing through the challenging times.

Exploring The Land of Monsters and Dreams Episode 131, February 26, 2019
Author, podcaster, and student of the esoteric and metaphysical, Ronny LeBlanc, joins us to discuss all things paranormal and unexplained, as well as the power of dreams, synchronicities and much more.

The Emotions of Vacations Episode 130, February 24, 2019
In this short, solo show, Andy Grant reflects on the emotions that can surface during and after vacations. This was prompted by his returning home from a trip to Israel and Jordan.

The Importance of Community Episode 129, January 29, 2019
Entrepreneur, mindset coach, and podcaster, Tony Grebmeier, shares his path to clarity and the importance of community. Tony’s mission is to create a community where entrepreneurs know they can achieve anything they want despite their past.

The Gillette Ad and Backlash Episode 128, January 17, 2019
Nine people gather to discuss the Gillette, “The Best Men Can Be,” ad and the ensuing backlash to it. All share their reactions to the ad itself as well as their response to the video’s reverberation through social media.

Dealing With Smartphone Addiction Episode 127, January 15, 2019
Coach and fitness instructor, Oliver Cowlishaw, joins us to discuss everything that rose up when he confronted his smartphone addiction, including a lot of shame.

One Broken Mom’s Thoughts on Men Episode 126, January 9, 2019
As a former wife and always a mom, Ameé Quiriconi, host of the One Broken Mom podcast, has concerns about the mental health of men, raising a son, dating, and more.

RMF Season 3, January – December 2018:
52 Episodes.

Living In Alignment With Who You Are Episode 125, December 19, 2018
Warrior, Brandon Boucher, joins us to share some of his experiences as a combat veteran, activist, and healer, while he’s created a life in alignment with who he truly is instead of what the world expected him to be.

Buddy Your Buddy Episode 124, December 11, 2018
Coach, mentor, speaker, and U.S Marine Veteran, Buddy Carchide, joins us to talk about how he’s encouraging people to “Buddy Up” to better deal with pain, mental health, and the struggles of life.

Men, Aging, and HGH Episode 123, December 4, 2018
A discussion on men, aging, the myths and warnings we’ve been told, and what can we do about it. Guest, Jeff Berger, and Andy Grant are both customers and distributors of an HGH Gel. They share their experiences using it. For more info about the gel contact

The Mind-Body Melt Episode 122, November 27, 2018
Dan Edelston and Rob Howitt share their unique approach to fitness incorporating meditation and affirmations. Plus a holiday survival guide to keep you healthy.

Is Telling Someone To ‘Man Up’ Bad? Episode 121, November 20, 2018
Five men gather to discuss Darnell Donerson’s article, “I Don’t Understand Why Telling Someone To ‘Man Up’ or ‘Grow A Pair’ Is Bad.”

Surviving Sex Trafficking Episode 120, November 13, 2018
Author, speaker, and artist, Brian Cardoza, joins us to share his experiences as a child caught up in the world of sex trafficking and his arduous road to recovery.

Being a Man, not THE Man Episode 119, November 6, 2018
Communications consultant and trainer, Alan Stevenson, joins us to discuss the importance of learning to be A man as opposed to THE man and the power of rites of passage, profiling, and his Campfire Project.

Discovering What You Want Isn’t What You Wanted Episode 118, October 30, 2018
Registered Yogi, Mindfulness Advocate, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, and Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Brandon Bennett, joins us to discuss what happens when you realize what you want isn’t what you actually wanted.

Making Purpose Out Of My Shit Pit Episode 117, October 23, 2018
Sometimes life just sucks. Coach, mentor, speaker and podcaster, Henry Johnstone, joins us to talk about what to do about it and share how he found purpose in his shit.

Being a Man Is No Joke Episode 116, October 16, 2018
Comedian, author, and idiot, Nathan Timmel, stops by to talk about life.

Men Being “Too Sensitive” Episode 115, October 9, 2018
Coach and author, Matthew Solomon joins us to talk about men being called “too sensitive.” We’ll explore what the effects are on boys and men being told that and what men tagged with the “sensitive” label can do.

Men Discussing The Kavanaugh Hearings Episode 114, October 4, 2018
This bonus edition of Real Men Feel features a trio of regular guys, of different political leanings, talking about the confirmation hearings of Judge, Brett Kavanaugh. There is power in conversation. With an open mind, a sense of humor, and a willingness to listen, we can talk about anything.

Do The Clothes Make The Man? Episode 113, October 2, 2018
Ty Cutner, founder of the Well Dressed Academy, joins us to discuss the social and psychological benefits of being a well-dressed man. He’ll share how changing his image, changed his life.

Faces of Fortitude Episode 112, September 25, 2018
Photographer and mental health advocate,Mariangela “M” Abeo, joins us to talk about suicide, depression and her portrait project, Faces of Fortitude, which is tackling the stigma around discussing mental health by giving people affected by suicide a safe space to share their stories.

Losing Your Dad to Suicide Episode 111, September 18, 2018
Mental health advocate, Zak Williams, joins us to discuss depression, mental health and losing his dad to suicide four years ago.

Preventing Workplace Violence Episode 110, September 11, 2018
Attorney, Stuart Silverman, joins us to discuss the ways workplace and school violence can be prevented. Stuart is a founding member of the Workplace Violence Prevention Institute.

Men Can Feel Self-Love Episode 109, September 4, 2018
Septuagenarian, Fuzzy Manning, joins us to discuss the core issue behind so many challenges men face; a lack of self-love. No, this isn’t a show about masturbation. Fuzzy is active with the ManKind Project, has been involved in men’s work for 40 years, and is a student of Ayurvedic and Aboriginal medicine.

Success Journeys Episode 108, August 28, 2018
Coach, writer, podcaster, and badass, Donnie Boivin, visits RMF to talk success, passion and getting out of your own way. Are you living your dream, or someone else’s?

Rescuing The Rescuers Episode 107, August 21, 2018
9/11 first responder, writer, and podcaster, Stephen Kavalkovich, drops by to talk about the immense pressure, stress, and challenges faced by first responders. Stephen shares his experiences as a paramedic and recovering addict as well as his dedication to helping others.

What To Do When Feelings Are Too Much Episode 106, August 14, 2018
Kindness Ambassador and Life Architect, Nicholas Haines, joins us to discuss how knowing your energy type can help you to handle your feelings and navigate the world much better. Nick’s also the creator of The Vitality Test and founder of the Five Institute.

Developing Self-Confidence Episode 105, August 7, 2018
Darnell Donerson shares his very public quest for building his confidence and overcoming negative thinking.

Men and Postnatal Depression – Episode 104, July 31, 2018
Leadership and communications consultant, author, teacher, and mental health advocate, Darren Horne, joins us to share his call to adventure including postnatal depression and being a dad.

Men Engaging in Difficult Conversations – Episode 103, July 24, 2018
Leadership Consultant and bestselling author, Tracy Martino, visits to talk about the importance for men to tap into their Heart Intelligence and the triggers that can make understanding our emotions so challenging.

MindBody Mastery – Episode 102, July 17, 2018
Writer, martial artist, and MindBody Mastery Coach, Dane Dormio, joins us to share his long journey of growth and discovery through an internal martial arts path.

Balancing Wants, Needs, and Dreams – Episode 101, July 10, 2018
Blogger and podcaster, Andrew Davis, joins us to discuss the challenges and frustrations men feel around doing what you have to do rather than doing what you want to do.

100th Episode: Looking Back and Looking Forward– Episode 100! July 3, 2018.
Andy and Appio discuss the 100 episode journey of Real Men Feel.

Men and Dogs – Episode 99, Tuesday, June 26, 2018
An open discussion among men about their emotional bonds to their dogs.

Healing The Family Father Wound – Episode 98, June 19, 2018
We are joined by one of the world’s leading experts on men’s issues, Jed Diamond, Ph.D. Jed believes there is one problem that surpasses all others in its impact on men, women, and society. It is the family father wound.

Men and Workplace Bullying – Episode 97, June 12, 2018
Nearly as many men as women are harassed and discriminated against in the workplace. Author, coach and speaker, Dawn Westmoreland, visits Real Men Feel to share how she’s been helping men stand up to bullying.

The Man Effect: Defining Masculinity – Episode 96, June 5, 2018
Photographer, writer, and coach, Timothy Wenger, joins us from Serbia to talk about his global quest to define masculinity, one man at a time.

Breaking Out of the Man Box – Episode 95, May 29, 2018
Andy and Appio are joined by journalist, poet, and speaker, Cameron Conaway, for a discussion around modern masculinity, art, and his path from mixed martial arts to poetry. Cameron’s sixth book, Man Box, is available now.

A Meeting of Minds on MGTOW – Episode 94, May 15, 2018 (pre-recorded)
Anthony Simeone returns to the show to have a discussion with a follower of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).

Highly Sensitive Men – Episode 93, May 8, 2018
Author, artist and coach, Rick Belden, visits RMF for the second time to share his thoughts and experiences regarding highly sensitive men.

Is Life Simple or Hard? – Episode 92, May 1, 2018
Jan Darwin Hutchins, the founder of The Men School, returns for a discussion on whether life is simple or hard.

Conscious Sexuality and Sexual Healing – Episode 91, April 24, 2018
Writer, podcaster, and coach, Jonti Searll, joins us from South Africa. Jonti has been working in the field of Conscious Sexuality for almost 20 years, creating healing processes, workshops and material that has helped many people create fulfilling experiences and relationships.

What is MGTOW? – Episode 90, April 17, 2018
Andy is joined by a man who goes by the name, “MGTOW Universe,” to share his thoughts on what MGTOW is and isn’t. If you aren’t familiar with the term, MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way.

Exploring Father Wounds and Mother Wounds – Episode 89, April 10, 2018
Author, artist and coach, Rick Belden, visits RMF to discuss men and difficult relationships with their fathers (Father Wound) or mothers (Mother Wound).

Masculine Emotional Intelligence is Not an Oxymoron – Episode 88, April 3, 2018
Author, speaker, and coach, Owen Marcus, joins us to talk about men and emotions, men’s groups, and other tools for men to build remarkable lives. Men are leaving behind the duality of being macho OR sensitive. It doesn’t have to be either/or.

Moving to UnHidden from Hidden with Robert Kandell – Episode 87, March 27, 2018
Business coach and author, Robert Kandell, joins us to talk about the gap in communication between men and women, the facades we wear, and how we can be less hidden in all of our relationships.

Having a Positive Relationship with Your Ex-wife, Episode 86, March 20, 2018
Andy and Appio are joined by writer, Al DeLuise, to talk about choosing to create a positive experience following a divorce. People can get divorced without wanting to kill each other.

Men Going Their Own Way, Episode 85, March 13, 2018
Andy and Appio are joined by writer, Anthony Simeone, to discuss the MGTOW movement and the notion that women are evil.

Raising the Level of Consciousness via Epic Conversations, Episode 84, March 5, 2018
Andy is joined by Dr. Vibe, host of the award-winning The Dr. Vibe Show™ to talk about men, deep conversations and changing the world for the better.

Spare Me “The Talk” with Jo Langford, Episode 83 February 27, 2018
Andy and Appio are joined by therapist, sex educator, author, and dad, Jo Langford, to discuss talking with teenage boys about sex.

Dads Behaving Dadly with Hogan Hilling, Episode 82, February 20, 2018
Andy and Appio are joined by author, Hogan Hilling, to discuss the shifting roles of fatherhood.

Guys Talking Guns, Episode 81, February 18, 2018
What the hell is going on?

Spiritual Path or Religious Path; What’s the Difference?, Episode 80, February 13, 2018
Andy and Appio discuss experiences with religion and spirituality. Are they the same thing?

Exploring The Men School with Jan Darwin Hutchins, Episode 79, February 6, 2018
Andy and Appio discover the path to the creation of a school dedicated to cultivating the divine masculine in all of us with Jan Darwin Hutchins, founder of The Men School.

Working Through Upset and Reactions, Episode 78, January 30, 2018
Steve Boyer, one of the members of the Real Men Feel private Facebook group joins Andy Grant to talk about upset, reactions and more as we share some disarray from the group.

Celebrating Masculine Power with Sean-Patrick Maher, Episode 77, January 23, 2018
At a time when masculine power is under fire, it is important to remember that good men owning their power can be a fantastic positive force for everyone.

Trumpeting Trump, Episode 76, January 16, 2018
A group of men get the opportunity to praise the President of the United States of America.

Reactions to Sexual Harassment, #MeToo and #TimesUp, Episode 75, January 9, 2018

Endings and Beginnings with Pete Cossaboon, Episode 74, January 3, 2018

RMF Season 2, January – December 2017:
31 Episodes.

Real Men Can Fall Into Depression and Rise Again, Episode 73, December 15, 2017

Real Men React: The Onslaught of Sexual Harassment Charges, Episode 72, December 5, 2017

Saving Lives with Moustaches, Episode 71, November 21, 2017

Real Men Feel: Sexual Harassment, Episode 70, October 17, 2017

Real Men Feel: Male Violence, Episode 69, October 10, 2017

Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse, Episode 68, September 26, 2017

Heroes of Hurricane Harvey, Episode 67, August 29, 2017

Real Men Can Feel Reconnection, Episode 66, August 22, 2017

Real Men Can Feel Suicidal, Episode 65, August 18, 2017

Real Men Feel Disappointment in Themselves, Episode 64, August 15, 2017

From Warrior to Healer with Mike Marschhausen, Episode 63, June 6, 2017

The Challenge of Intimacy with Rev. Jody Bailey, Episode 62, May 30, 2017

Finding Hope with Psychological Theorist, Vito Mucci, Episode 61, May 23, 2017

Principles of Joy with Appio Hunter, Episode 60, May 16, 2017

The Good Athlete Project with Jim Davis, Episode 59, May 9, 2017

Men and Fear, Episode 58, May 2, 2017

Breaking The Vow of Male Silence with Nige Atkinson, Episode 57, April 9, 2017

How to Live with LAF – Love, Appreciation, and Forgiveness for Ourselves and Others, with James John, Episode 56, April 18, 2017

What’s the Story Behind Middle-Age Men and Suicide?, Episode 55, April 11, 2017

Rites of Passage with Nicky Wilks, Episode 54, April 4, 2017

Questions and Answers with Sex Worker, Kimberlee Cline, Episode 53, March 26, 2017

Awakened Journeys with Jonathan Hermida, Episode 52, March 19, 2017

The Reality of Being A Sex Worker with Kimberlee Cline, Episode 51, March 14, 2017

Internalized Homophobia, Episode 50, March 7, 2017

Empowering The Family Unit with Kirsty and James Greenshields, Episode 49, February 28, 2017

The Anatomy of Awareness with Amanda Foy, Episode 48, February 21, 2017

What I Learned About Men While Working As An Escort with Deva Logan, Episode 47, February 13, 2017

The Evolved Masculine with Destin Gerek, Episode 46, February 7, 2017

The Good Men Project with Michael Kasdan Episode 45, January 31, 2017

Exploring Open Relationships with Deva Logan, Episode 44, January 24, 2017

Tapping Into Your Feminine For Better Dating, Episode 43, January 17, 2017

Humanizing Sexual Abuse with guest, Ben Gaddes, Episode 42, January 10, 2017

RMF Season 1, 2016