Real Men Feel: Ep. 296, Rebuilding Yourself | Being The Best Man You Can Be

March 31, 2023

Rebuilding Yourself | Being The Best Man You Can Be Episode 296, March 31, 2023

We are early in Spring, a time of renewal, growth, and, ideally, flourishing. I know that in my life, I’ve often had to renew, prune my life, weed out the shit in my mind, and reinvent myself to be the best man I can be.

My guest, Teddy Woolsey, took action when his life needed an overhaul and created a system that helped him, and now he uses that in service to others. He was 100K in debt, out of shape, depressed, and in a failing relationship to being debt-free, earning 3x as much, meeting his future wife, and living in Manhattan all in under a year and 1/2.

Teddy is RBLD Fitness’s founder and works full-time as a Tech Sales Executive. He coaches his clients on sustainably losing fat, building muscle, and finding the balance between hard work and joy in their lives.

We discuss the danger of relying on another person for your happiness and the importance of filling your self-help bucket and putting yourself first. Society often sees men as only having value based on what they earn, create, build, and protect. Such expectations left Teddy feeling anxious, frustrated, and unworthy.

You have value because you exist, not because of what you do. Listen in and let Teddy’s explosive joy seep into you.

Topics and Questions

  • 1:20 – How was joy in your life?
  • 3:09 – What made you realize your life needed to change?
  • 7:07 – What was in your self-help bucket?
  • 7:54 – Did you realize your happiness depended on someone else before the relationship ended?
  • 11:25 – Did you know you were making a system at the time?
  • 15:09 – Tell me about the RBLD Fitness Philosophy
  • 19:40 – Step One: Tips for Reflecting
  • 23:40 – What does being a good man mean to you?
  • 28:34 – What brings you joy?
  • 30:57 – What mistake got you the lesson you appreciate most?
  • 32:35 – What do you wish more men knew?
  • 33:51 – What’s the best way for people to learn more about you?

“Change your schedule and change your influences immediately! That will spark a revolution within yourself.”

Teddy Woolsey

Instagram — @tedwoolsey
RBLD Fitness —
Recommended book, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

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