Real Men Feel: Ep. 283, Men Finding Their Purpose | Mindset, Fulfillment & Spirituality

December 16, 2022

Men Finding Their Purpose | Mindset, Fulfillment & Spirituality Episode 283, December 16, 2022

I believe everybody has a mission, a calling, a purpose to their life, and part of life’s great joy or frustration is discovering that. I don’t recommend my path, which was multiple suicide attempts before I finally got there must be a better way, and I began doing the inner work. Today we are diving into purpose!

My guest is men’s mentor Cooper Heller. Cooper is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach who helps men clarify their purpose, upgrade their physical health, and develop a winning mindset.

Cooper shares how an injury in high school upended his seemingly perfect life. He became addicted to opioids, overweight, and severely depressed. After discovering the importance of nutrition and mindset in his recovery, Cooper saw tremendous improvements in his outlook and life. He launched his first company in college, focusing on fitness, nutrition, and mindset.

“The only true failure in life is not striving for why you’re here.”

Cooper Heller

Topics and Questions

  • 1:10 – Tell me a bit about what happened to you in high school.
  • 5:19 – What was your mood and mindset like before your accident?
  • 5:50 – Was purpose something you thought about while growing up?
  • 6:22 – How important is mindset to having a fulfilling life?
  • 7:11 – What was telling you there was something more?
  • 8:25 – Is purpose static, or does it change over time?
  • 8:55 – What do you say to someone who thinks “it is completely possible to live an amazing, fulfilling life and do what you love to do.” is complete bull shit?
  • 10:36 – Any suggestions for people to help discover or clarify their purpose?
  • 13:49 – Most of what we worry about in our youth doesn’t matter.
  • 14:48 – “If you don’t have adversity, you aren’t living much of a life. You are flatlining.” – Bob Proctor
  • 15:34 – Is one of the biggest hurdles to purpose believing you have one?
  • 17:21 – Is there one more thing you wish more men knew about purpose?
  • 17:56 – The lie of “trying.”
  • 18:32 – Can you share a habit, practice, program, or book that has helped you?
  • 19:27 – Do you have any insights on choosing a good mentor?
  • 21:26 – Is purpose only in vocation or career?
  • 21:53 – What are some signs that you are in alignment with your purpose?
  • 23:44 – What man had the biggest impact on you? Tell me about him.
  • 24:57 – What are you most proud of?
  • 26:07 – Do you still have a connection with friends from before your accident?
  • 27:10 – What are you looking forward to?
  • 28:25 – What is the best way for people to learn more about your work?
  • 28:45 – The ego trip of working with a young man as a mentor.


Cooper Heller —

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Real Men Feel 282 - Men Finding Their Purpose

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