Real Men Feel: Ep. 263, Reaching Out — Being Ignored

July 25, 2022

Reaching Out – Being Ignored Episode 263, July 22, 2022

One thing that struck me after my 8-month-long withdrawal from life was how many people told me that they noticed I was quiet and wondered what was up. Some said I’d been on their mind, yet they didn’t reach out. Some said they energetically reached out but were quickly shut down.

When I did finally speak up and share, the number of people who said that I’d been on their mind or that they considered reaching out but didn’t… made me wonder why that is.

I think part of it is the way that polite society tells us not to feel – that negative emotions are bad, keep your shit to yourself, and suck it up. If you do reach out to someone, never take being ignored personally. A response, or lack thereof, is entirely upon the mindset and energy level of the individual. You may want them to feel better, connected, and alive more than they do at that moment.

Perhaps we are all responsible for keeping each other going. Let that be the point of social media.

"Perhaps we are all responsible for keeping each other going. Let that be the point of social media." ~ Andy Grant

We are all in this together. So trust those little hunches and give the people that pop into your head a quick check-in. You might find yourself feeling good.

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Real Men Feel ep 263 - Reaching Out, Being Ignored

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