Real Men Feel: Ep. 260, Emotions Are a Superpower for Men

October 26, 2021

Emotions Are a Superpower for Men Episode 260, October 26, 2021

“So many of us grew up with male emotion just being an explosion rather than an expression,” says Charles Matheus, author and Mankind Project facilitator. In today’s episode, Charles describes how men’s emotions are frequently neglected and explains how a different approach to emotions can give men powerful spaces to be fully authentic.

“When we can be clean and clear with one another, it creates connection.” – Charles Matheus

Charles dives deep into a common masculinity trope: men who rarely express their emotions sober. Instead, men wait until they are inebriated and let their emotions out in unhealthy and unproductive ways. Charles is working to break down this cultural trope and teach men how to deal with emotions in everyday life. His goal is to make a full range of emotional expressions in men the norm, instead of occasional, unhealthy outbursts. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Real Men Feel for a conversation with Charles Matheus about creating powerful spaces and healthy emotional outlets for men. Learn how to look at emotions like a superpower, why vulnerability is a crucial mental GPS, and what the definition of Man Box culture is.


  • “I’m not actually interested in creating safe spaces anymore, but creating powerful spaces.” (02:05-02:08 | Charles Matheus)
  • “Men have this opportunity now to get together with other men in particular, I think that’s the place on this podcast, in their own men’s groups, reading groups, whatever it is, to make some mistakes with one another, as we figure out a way to create those inclusive, powerful spaces at work, at home, at church, you know, wherever it is, but we got to talk about it.” (05:19-05:40 | Charles Matheus)
  • “So many of us grew up with the male expressions of emotion just being an explosion rather than an expression.” (09:54-10:03 | Charles Matheus)
  • “When we can be clean and clear with one another, it creates connection.” (16:23-16:27 | Charles Matheus)
  • “Testosterone is not a dominance chemical. That’s the main problem with that biological explanation. Testosterone is not a dominance chemical. It is a fierceness chemical. But we can be fierce together, and we can be fierce authentically, and we can be fierce in community.” (30:36-30:53 | Charles Matheus)
  • “There’s no equality on a ladder.” (32:32-32:33 | Charles Matheus)
  • “Let’s be authentic, full and powerful in ways that don’t take power away from other people.” (33:03-33:05 | Charles Matheus)
  • “The universe is expanding, we must too.” (42:25-42:28 | Andy Grant)

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“I want to be in a world where all of me is welcome.” – Charles Matheus

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Real Men Feel 260: Emotions Are A Superpower For Men

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