Real Men Feel: Ep. 255, Regular Guy Chat with Billy

September 21, 2021

Regular Guy Chat with Billy Episode 255, Sep 21, 2021

“Value family over everything, over everything,” says Billy Potter, the Zen Plumber.

Tune into this week’s episode of Real Men Feel for a conversation with Billy Potter about seeing the best in your father, understanding the importance of feeling safe and loved in your family unit, and why valuing family over everything is the motto so many people live by.

“People are more valuable than stuff.” – Billy Potter

On this week’s episode, host Andy Grant and special guest Billy dive into the intricacies of families and how unconditional love trumps all. They dive deep into the many ways a father’s role during childhood can dramatically impact our perception of the world.

Billy opens up about his father’s drug problems and how substance abuse may test a family but does not prevent them from coming out stronger in the end. He explains that the strongest and toughest men will always maintain a soft spot for their children, which he relates to today, having three children of his own.

Billy shares the most important lessons he has learned from his father and how he has grown as a person because of them. He now refers to his father as the best man he has ever known.

Highlights and Topics:

• “People are more valuable than stuff and things.” (4:10-4:13)

• “Are there some specific things you can name that you learned from your father?” “To value family over everything, over everything, you know, money and stuff and that kind of junk. When I say family, there are many friends that are right in that circle I’d drop anything for.” (12:59-13:24)

• “My dad, for the tough guy that he was, he hugged us all the time.” (20:55-20:58)

• “It was true unconditional love going both ways.” (21:45-21:50)

• “We were drowned in Disney movies, my dad was a fanatic. Pollyanna is an old classic Disney, if you’ve ever seen it. I mean it’s an old one. Before my time even, I think. But I remember watching that time and time again, and maybe the whole positive thing comes from… There is a thing called the Glad Game in that movie. Alright, and whenever things are bad, you just gotta find a reason, gotta find the good in it. You gotta find a reason to be glad you are in whatever situation you are in. And I always think of that whenever… Cuz people say that to me all the time.” (23:20-24:03)

• “I wish more men knew that there was more value in them than just working.” (35:43-35:46)

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“I wish more men knew that there was more value in them than just working.” – Billy Potter

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Real Men Feel: Regular Guy Chat with Billy

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