Real Men Feel: Ep. 254, Ensuring Men Have A Voice

August 31, 2021

Ensuring Men Have A Voice Episode 254, Aug 31, 2021

Elysia Jane Buss is a coach, speaker, equine connector, massage therapist, and men’s group facilitator. We discuss her passion of advocating for men’s rights.

“I think the really beautiful thing about me partnering in these groups of men is for them to see what a healthy role model is for dialogue with a woman.” – Elysia Buss

It’s no secret that men have been conditioned to hide their feelings in the name of patriarchy—often leaving men feeling emotionally abandoned with no one to turn to and nowhere to channel that energy. Our guest today, Elysia, has set out to advocate for men and invite them to be their full authentic selves through Global Resources for Men.

After speaking with a friend and former Marine, Elysia notices the gaps between masculinity and vulnerability. She uses this experience to build a bridge that connects the two and creates a space where all men can feel comfortable in being their authentic selves. In this episode, Elysia and Andy unpack the rationale behind the lack of support for men and uncover a world of men who desire to be open about their masculinity.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (01:05) What does it mean to be an advocate for men’s rights?
  • (08:13) How have men reacted in questioning their masculinity?
  • (10:14) How do women react when they discover you are at service to men?
  • (11:48) Where does the lack of support for men come from?
  • (12:33) In what ways does shame manifest in men?
  • (17:01) What do you wish women knew about men?
  • (24:50) As a woman, how is tapping into your masculine energy different than feminine energy?
  • (28:20) What are the benefits to having a safe space to express emotions?
  • (30:00) Is it more challenging to work with men or horses?
  • (35:20) What is the vision for Global Resources for Men?

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“I make the world a better place by giving people a voice and safe space to articulate.” – Elysia Buss

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