Real Men Feel: Ep. 253, The Importance of Listening to Your Dog

August 24, 2021

The Importance of Listening to Your Dog Episode 253, Aug 24, 2021

Michael Overlie is an energy healer, life-purpose coach, and dog fanatic. Michael’s purpose is to help men awaken to their path by letting their dogs lead. We discuss how men can live a fulfilled life.

“I think certain animals are brought to certain people for certain reasons.” – Michael Overlie

The bond between man and dog is a tale as old as time, and the connection between Michael and his dog is no different.

At a point when Michael felt his most vulnerable, his rescue dog Darby was the one who helped him steer away from his self-destructive path through energy. This, coupled with the passing of Michael’s brother, served as a catalyst in discovering his gift of energy healing. 

In this episode, Michael and Andy dissect the relationship between owners and their pets and decipher the messages our animals reflect back to us. They expound upon the judgment-free honesty that only dogs can provide, which allows men to break free from the fallacy of an alpha society.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (01:14) When did Michael’s connection with animals begin?
  • (03:25) How did Michael discover his gift of energy healer?
  • (10:28) Why do people get along better with animals than people?
  • (11:31) What tells a person a dog is connecting with you?
  • (16:22) Do all animals have a higher level purpose?
  • (17:21) When did Michael’s desire to be of service unfold?
  • (18:54) Is it possible to get the wrong pet?
  • (26:26) Can dogs help men discover their true alpha form?
  • (31:51) What societal message enables men to put on a tough act?
  • (36:27) What is Michael most excited about?

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“I grieved him so hard and during that process it cracked me open, I realized then I needed to be different and I wanted to live differently.” – Michael Overlie

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Check out Andy’s book: Homer The Hound Dog’s Guide to Life: Six Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog.

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Michael Overlie The Importance of Listening to Your Dog

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