Real Men Feel: Ep. 251, The Power of Traumatic Stories

August 10, 2021

The Power of Traumatic Stories Episode 251, Aug 10, 2021

Nathaniel Brown is a speaker, coach, author, and survivor of childhood sexual abuse who believes we can all learn to “re-see” our traumatic experiences with a new perspective, allowing us to engage with life differently. When you change your perspective, you change your story, and you change your life.

“I’ve always had this thirst for understanding more, instead of going out to play I’d rather read a book.” ~ Nathaniel Brown

Suppressing a traumatic event for almost 30 years will always eventually force its way to the surface. For Nathaniel, this manifested in night terrors, isolation, and spurts of rage. After years of living with distrust of the world coupled with a vow of silence, Nathaniel was met with an ultimatum of healing his inner damaged child or continuing on in a life of misery.

In 2019, the shift from mindset to integration began to materialize. It came with an understanding of generational trauma passed on in our genetic makeup combined with the ideology of manhood in the Black community. This allowed for Nathaniel to do the deep work within himself and become at peace with his inner child.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (01:33) Why does Nathaniel call himself a perspective coach?
  • (08:31) Is it possible to grow up and not have trauma to some degree?
  • (10:29) What was Nathaniel’s most life impacting trauma?
  • (17:24) How Nathaniel discovered doing inner work to achieve integration.
  • (21:18) Why did Nathaniel hide his traumatic experience?
  • (23:27) What helped overcome the trauma?
  • (31:07) Understanding why the easiest way for men to live is unemotionally.
  • (38:01) How Nathaniel helped his first suicidal client.
  • (42:46) What inspired the title for Nathaniel’s new podcast Inspire Beyond?

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“We bought into a narrative of being a man based on a slave master’s model, so you’re always still enslaved to the trauma.” ~ Nathaniel Brown

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Nathaniel brown The Power of Traumatic Stories

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